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Title Publication Date
Threats of Violence Secure Victory for Sharia in the Netherlands American Thinker November 24, 2018
Geert Wilders' Plan to Save the West Gates of Vienna October 24, 2014
Dutch prosecutors summon far-right leader over alleged racist remarks Reuters October 9, 2014
Renounce the Sharia! Gates of Vienna September 17, 2014
Geert Wilders to the Prime Minister: "Close the Borders! Tackle Islam!" Gates of Vienna August 5, 2014
Geert Wilders creates new email account for those who want to buy his Islam sticker after Google blocked his old one Islam versus Europe Blog December 30, 2013
CNN Arabic: Protecting the Sensibilities of Muslims Gates of Vienna December 1, 2013
Muslim leaders to the Danish integration policy makers: "You will be punished in hell" Avpixlat July 10, 2013
Danish documentary film (18 min.): "Collision! Free Speech and Religion" Islam versus Europe May 16, 2013
Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Free Speech Under Assault Christian Broadcast News Network April 17, 2013
A Muslim 'Reformer's' Idea of Free Speech Front Page Magazine March 27, 2013
Hacked for Covering Geert Wilders Gates of Vienna Blog February 28, 2013
Free speech stoned to death The Sunday Telegraph February 26, 2013
Clashes erupt outside Wilders' Melbourne speech Australia Broadcasting Corporation February 22, 2013
Shut Up or I'll Kill You PJ Media February 22, 2013
Full Speech: Geert Wilders in Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday February 19, 2013 Europe News February 20, 2013
Protests against Geert Wilders show no tolerance The Daily Telegraph (Australia) February 20, 2013
The fear around Wilders demands we hear him out Herald Sun (Australia) February 19, 2013
GEERT WILDERS IN AUSTRALIA Bare Naked Islam Blog February 19, 2013
Protests likely as controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders changes venue Herald Sun (Australia) February 18, 2013
Anti-muslim campaigner coming to Australia Australian Broadcast Network February 13, 2013
Geert Wilders' Speech in Bonn Calls for a First Amendment like the US Right Side News February 12, 2013
Geert Wilders Highlights Loss of Freedom in Australia Newsmaker February 11, 2013
Geert Wilders in Bonn, English Subtitles Gates of Vienna Blog February 8, 2013
Geert Wilders touring Australia this month Australian Conservative February 8, 2013
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff Stands Up For Freedom Of Expression In Bonn, Germany ICLA Blog February 4, 2013
Free speech dogged by politics of difference Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) January 22, 2013
Harris Zafar's Islamic Intellectual Incoherence American Thinker January 20, 2013
Dutch MP Geert Wilders to visit Australia Newsmaker January 16, 2013
Geert Wilders' Courageous Journey Frontpage Magazine January 2, 2013
Free Speech Roundup American Thinker December 13, 2012
Malta among dwindling number of EU states still with blasphemy laws Malta Independent December 3, 2012
Muslims Pressing for Blasphemy Laws in Europe Gatestone Institute November 30, 2012
Dutch to scrap blasphemy law on insulting God Yahoo News November 29, 2012
Breaking: There will be a new trial in the Netherlands on blasphemy of Islam Vlad Tepes Blog November 19, 2012
Wilders speaks up for banned lawyer Moszkowicz Dutch News November 1, 2012
Geert Wilders Still Going Strong Frontpage Magazine October 31, 2012
Thanks Geert, we're indebted to you Canada Free Press October 30, 2012
The Q Society Australian Broadcasting Corporation October 30, 2012
Anti-Wilders Mob Goes Mad Frontpage Magazine October 29, 2012
Shut up and play nice: How the Western world is limiting free speech Washington Post October 13, 2012
Different Rules for Islam American Thinker October 9, 2012
Anti-Islam film continues to make waves around the world Radio Netherlands Worldwide September 24, 2012
Will Geert Wilders Be Denied a Visa to Australia? Frontpage Magazine September 24, 2012
Australia Censors Free Speech Gatestone Institute September 21, 2012
Wednesday, September 19, 2012Geert Wilders: Banned from Oz? Gates of Vienna Blog September 19, 2012
Reuters "Exclusive" Geert Wilder's Revelation Publicly Available Online For At Least A Year... Blazing Cat Fur Blog September 10, 2012
Exclusive: U.S. groups helped fund Dutch anti-Islam politician Wilders Reuters September 10, 2012
The Smear Campaign Against Geert Wilders Gatestone Institute August 24, 2012
Sharia4Holland spokesman fined for threatening Geert Wilders Dutch News August 7, 2012
Brussels 2012: Conny Axel Meier's Speech Gates of Vienna Blog August 7, 2012
Calls for a European First Amendment Grow Frontpage Magazine July 18, 2012
Conny Meier Of Pax Europa Speaks at International Conference for Free Speech and Human Rights ICLA Blog July 16, 2012
Amsterdam Gets a Harsh Lesson in Islam 101 Front Page Magazine July 2, 2012
Watch What You Say: A Guide for Dhimmis Family Security Matters June 4, 2012
"Islam to Topple Man-made Democracy" Gatestone Institute May 31, 2012
Sharia4Holland spokesman arrested over Wilders threat Dutch News May 29, 2012
Rapper faces new trial for threatening PVV leader Geert Wilders Dutch News May 24, 2012
The Spirit of Geert Wilders National Review Online May 14, 2012
Should critically discussing Islam be a form of hate speech? American Thinker Blog May 13, 2012
Geert Wilders: Marked for Death Front Page Magazine May 11, 2012
TheDC Interview: 'Marked for Death' Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders [VIDEO] Daily Caller May 11, 2012
Wilders: Islamization of Europe Can Happen in America CBN May 10, 2012
Remembering Pim Fortuyn Front Page Magazine May 8, 2012
Islam's War on Wilders and U.S. Family Security Matters May 7, 2012
A Potential World War? Gates of Vienna Blog May 2, 2012
Contaminated with GoV Cooties Gates of Vienna Blog March 23, 2012
Jewish students cancel 'controversial' lawyer's invite Jewish Chronicle Online March 16, 2012
Free Speech vs. Islamists: Why the West Is Losing Pajamas Media March 12, 2012
Bequeathers of Absolute Truth Crush Free Speech in Europe Stonegate Institute March 8, 2012
Blasphemy and Free Speech Imprimis March 7, 2012
Dutch stand up for Saudi Twitter apostate Radio Netherlands Worldwide February 14, 2012
Islam and Free Speech: OIC vs. Universal Declaration of Human Rights Stonegate Institute February 8, 2012
YouTube Cracks Down on British Freedom Gates of Vienna Blog January 30, 2012
Reporters Without Credibility Front Page Magazine January 30, 2012
Dutch Muslim Party Opposed Free Speech New American January 27, 2012
Fighting Back Against Lawfare Front Page Magazine January 26, 2012
OIC concerned about the rise of Islamophobia in western politics Arab News January 20, 2012
Dutch queen clashes with her country's anti-Muslim party after she wears headscarf on visit to Oman mosque Daily Mail (UK) January 20, 2012
Geert Wilders Says There's No Such Thing as Moderate Islam Newsweek January 16, 2012
U.S., E.U. Spearhead Islamic Bid To Criminalize Free Speech Stonegate Institute January 6, 2012
Europe's Inexorable March Towards Islam Hudson NY December 29, 2011
Unfit to Print Frontpage Magazine December 29, 2011
Coddling the 'Islamophobia' Police Frontpage Magazine December 15, 2011
Islamic World Tells Clinton: Defamation of Islam Must be Prevented - - in America American Thinker December 14, 2011
Egypt summons Dutch ambassador over MP's anti-Islamic statements Ahram Online December 14, 2011
Criminalizing intolerance Los Angeles Times December 13, 2011
A Brief History of Transatlantic Counterjihad, Part V Gates of Vienna November 30, 2011
The United Nations: The Devil's Jury Hudson NY November 29, 2011
Complaint against Wilders goes to UN Radio Netherlands November 18, 2011
Has the OSCE Succumbed to Shariah? An Interview with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff New English Review November 17, 2011
Netherlands Sliding into the Abyss Frontpage Magazine November 17, 2011
Freedom Party prone to causing diplomatic spats Radio Netherlands November 14, 2011
The worst form of censorship Spectator (UK) November 9, 2011
"100 Lashes If You Don't Die Laughing" Islam's War on Free Speech Hudson NY November 3, 2011
Anti-Anti-Islam American Thinker September 11, 2011
Calls for Bernardi's scalp over Wilders Sydney Morning Herald September 8, 2011
Amid Rise of Multiculturalism, Dutch Confront Their Questions of Identity New York Times August 16, 2011
'German Identity Is Shaped by Christianity' Der Spiegal August 9, 2011
Interviewing Mark Steyn on the Source SUN Television August 4, 2011
Opposition wants Dutch PM to speak on Wilders Expatica August 3, 2011
Mad march of political correctness The Australian August 3, 2011
Hate Speech and Anders Breivik National Review Online August 3, 2011
Wilders accuses left of demonising him over Norway shootings Dutch News August 1, 2011
The Norway Massacre and Europe's War on Free Speech Hudson NY July 28, 2011
House Rejects Wilders-Bashing after Norwegian Tragedy Dutch News July 27, 2011
Fred & Catherine Grandy on the Frank Gaffney Show Center for Security Policy - Secure Freedom Radio July 20, 2011
Geert Wilders Slams OIC on Out-of-Bounds Criticism of Free Speech Suite 101 July 8, 2011
Assimilation's Failure, Terrorism's Rise New York Times July 7, 2011
Dutch Foreign Minister Stands up for Geert Wilders Gates of Vienna July 6, 2011
The Show Trial of Geert Wilders - Part 2 Citizen Warrior Blog June 30, 2011
Geert Wilders, a Voltaire for our times? Press Europe June 28, 2011
Putting the Wilders Win in Context National Review Online June 25, 2011
Wilders to Ezra Levant - Hate Speech Laws Should Go Gates of Vienna June 24, 2011
Geert Wilders Acquitted National Review Online June 23, 2011
Wilders extremely happy with acquittal Radio Netherlands June 23, 2011
Dutch populist Geert Wilders acquitted of hate speech Reuters June 23, 2011
Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker Wilders faces judgement Expatica June 22, 2011
The Show Trial of Geert Wilders Citizen Warrior Blog June 10, 2011
Switzerland: Meeting Between Geert Wilders & Oskar Freysinger Cancelled Winds of Jihad June 3, 2011
Over the Rainbow National Review Online June 2, 2011
Final remarks of Geert Wilders at his trial in Amsterdam, June 1, 2011 Geert Wilders' Website June 1, 2011
Hate speech trial of Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker ends with defence, prosecution in agreement Google May 31, 2011
Geert Wilders Anti-Islam Show Trial 'Must Go On' Hudson NY May 27, 2011
Prosecutors again call for anti-Islam lawmaker's acquittal Expatica May 26, 2011
Dutch debate whether to scrap blasphemy law Fox News May 25, 2011
Dutch court rejects anti-Islam MP's bias claim Google May 23, 2011
Expert witness in Wilders trial: "The Dutch will, from now on, have to live with unpredictable limitations of the freedom of speech" Jihad Watch May 23, 2011
Discussion of radical Islam is not Islamophobia and bigotry Tennessean May 13, 2011
To fight the xenophobic populists, we need more free speech, not less Guardian May 13, 2011
Dutch anti-Islam speech in Ottawa angers Muslims CBC News May 12, 2011
Levant: Radical Islam issues hit here, too Toronto Sun May 11, 2011
My full interview with Geert Wilders (and Brooke Goldstein) SUN Television May 10, 2011
SUN TV on Geert Wilders' Tour of Canada Gates of Vienna May 9, 2011
Geert Wilders Comes to Nashville Gates of Vienna May 4, 2011
Final remarks by Geert Wilders at his Sharia trial in Amsterdam today Jihad Watch May 2, 2011
Wilders' trial 'extremely complicated,' says expert Hürriyet Daily News April 27, 2011
Anti-Islam lawmaker's trial on hate speech charges to continue; move to dismiss judges fails Google April 19, 2011
Free Speech, State Censorship, and the Prosecution of Dutch Politician Wilders New American April 15, 2011
Frigid Atmosphere in Wilders Court Case Dutch News April 14, 2011
Re: The OIC vs. Freedom of Expression National Review Online April 13, 2011
Dutch anti-Islam politician Wilders' hate speech trial resumes, lawyer aims to discredit judge Google April 13, 2011
'Sharia already in The Netherlands' Gates of Vienna April 11, 2011
Wilders Trial to Continue as Court Rejects Defence Objections NIS News March 30, 2011
Speech Geert Wilders in Rome, 25th of March 2011 Geert Wilders' Website March 26, 2011
Dutch anti-Islam MP seeks end to hate speech trial Expatica March 15, 2011
Somali terror suspects threaten to sue Wilders Dutch News March 3, 2011
A Misguided Petition Campaign to Ban the Muslim Students Association Frontpage March 3, 2011
Anti-Wilders website offline Dutch News February 23, 2011
European Free Speech Under Attack The Wall Street Journal February 22, 2011
The case of the part-time pedophile Steyn Online February 21, 2011
Judge: Anti-Islam lawmaker can seek dismissal Top News February 17, 2011
Geert Wilders. Holland's Never-Ending Scandal Propagandist Blog February 16, 2011
The BBC Breaches Its Charter Gates of Vienna February 16, 2011
Judges Rule Case Against Dutch Anti-Islam MP To Continue Voice of America February 14, 2011
Wilders' inciting hatred trial resumes in front of new judges Dutch News February 8, 2011
Geert Wilders' statement, February 7 2011 Geert Wilders' Website February 7, 2011
The EU is no different from Orwell's 'Animal Farm' Winds of Jihad February 7, 2011
Complainant in Wilders case objects to prosecution team Expatica February 4, 2011
Free Speech on Trial in Austria … and Europe Pajamas Media January 23, 2011
Judicial Bias in the Geert Wilders Trial Big Peace January 21, 2011
Thou Shalt Not Offend Islam City Journal January 20, 2011
The Roster of the Silenced: First Wave Gates of Vienna January 18, 2011
Angst about Islamist groups goes mainstream in Germany Washington Post January 14, 2011
Wilders is a 'golden pompadoured maverick': Wikileaks Dutch News December 17, 2010
Speech House of Lords, London, Friday the 5th of March 2010 Weblog Geertwilders March 5, 2010
Right and Left upside down: Geert Wilders and the Tea Party Movement Pajamas Media February 24, 2010
Geert Wilders and European democracy The Jerusalem Post February 17, 2010
What Islam Means by "Slander" Gates of Vienna February 11, 2010
Geert Wilders and the Death of Free Speech Human Events February 10, 2010
Dutch MP to screen anti-Koran movie in the Lords The Christian Messenger February 9, 2010
The Railroading of Geert Wilders FrontPage Magazine February 9, 2010
Western Civilization on Trial NRO Symposium on National Review Online February 8, 2010
Will Politically Incorrect Opinion Become a Hate Crime? The New American February 7, 2010
A Dutch Politician. A Sharia-Compliant Court. Assassination by Trial The Brussels Journal February 5, 2010
The trial of Geert Wilders: why we won't be hearing about camel urine Telegraph Blogs February 4, 2010
Free Speech on Trial: 15 Defense Witnesses Disallowed Israel National News February 4, 2010
Anti-Islam Dutch Lawmaker Says He's Being Denied a Fair Trial; Court Rejects Most of His Witness List February 4, 2010
How Do You Say "Kangaroo Court" in Dutch? February 3, 2010
Dutch Critic of Islam Wants Extremist Killer to Testify at His Trial February 3, 2010
Dutch court railroading Wilders: disallows all but three of his witnesses Jihad Watch February 3, 2010
Court limits Wilders' witness list February 3, 2010
Court rejects Wilders' extremist witnesses Radio Netherlands Worldwide February 3, 2010
Islamist Witnesses: Denied Gates of Vienna February 3, 2010
Dutch court will hear case against far-right MP Reuters February 3, 2010
Report of the pre-trial review of 20 January 2010 February 3, 2010
Dutch politician Geert Wilders launches websites on political trial Weblog Geertwilders February 3, 2010
PREVIEW: Trial of Islam critic Geert Wilders set to resume February 2, 2010
Geert Wilders to test British free speech with anti-Muslim film screening Telegraph February 2, 2010
Wilders re-invited to Lords to show Fitna January 29, 2010
Dutch MP's trial reminiscent of reporter's post-9/11 writings Toronto Sun January 29, 2010
Geert Wilders: on trial for telling the truth Telegraph Blogs January 28, 2010
Wilders gets Canadian support on eve of trial Jewish Tribune January 27, 2010
Stop the Trial of Geert Wilders Wall Street Journal January 26, 2010
Holland puts free speech on trial Toronto Sun January 23, 2010
Geert Wilders: Freedom on Trial FrontPage Magazine January 21, 2010
Geert Wilders: 'I want Muslim fanatic to speak in my defence' Times Online January 21, 2010
Dutch cowardice New York Post January 21, 2010
Has Wilders broken the law? Radio Netherlands Worldwide January 20, 2010
Netherlands "Justice": How Do You Feel? January 20, 2010
Russian TV covers the Geert trial as critical for Europe and free speech Vlad Tepes Blog January 20, 2010
Wilders on trial - first full day Radio Netherlands Worldwide January 20, 2010
Wilders' trial for inciting hatred starts (update) January 20, 2010
Al-Jazeera proves Wilders' point Jihad Watch January 20, 2010
Geert Wilders' personal speech at pre-trial hearing Weblog Geertwilders January 20, 2010
'I Have No Regrets': An Interview with Geert Wilders Pajamas Media January 20, 2010
Filmmaker Geert Wilders faces hatred charges January 20, 2010
The Wilders Trial: Voices from Europe January 19, 2010
Flanders: In Solidarity with Geert Wilders Gates of Vienna January 19, 2010
His Free Speech is Our Free Speech The International Free Press Society January 19, 2010
Why I Stand with Geert Wilders National Review Online January 19, 2010
PREVIEW: Muslim critic Geert Wilders goes on trial in Netherlands Earth Times January 19, 2010
Victory for Free Speech in Texas FrontPage Magazine January 18, 2010
Shrugging off Spinoza Tidsskriftet Sappho January 17, 2010
Lights Out on Liberty The Corner on National Review Online January 14, 2010
Free Geert Wilders: Charges Against him widened as trial proceeds on January 20th Red County January 14, 2010
Wilders prosecution to go ahead January 14, 2010
Wilders challenges court hearing January 13, 2010
More charges against Wilders January 13, 2010
UK Decision Concluding that Dutch MP Geert Wilders (a Harsh Critic of Islam) was Wrongly Excluded from the UK The Volokh Conspiracy December 16, 2009
Free Speech on Trial FrontPage Magazine December 16, 2009
Geert Wilders receives summons: a sledgehammer blow to the freedom of speech Weblog Geertwilders December 4, 2009
Silencing Debate at Temple – by FrontPage Magazine FrontPage Magazine October 22, 2009
A victory for the freedom of speech: Wilders to speak at Temple despite Muslim attempts to silence him Jihad Watch October 20, 2009
Just say no to blasphemy laws USA Today October 19, 2009
The Hate Campaign at Temple FrontPage Magazine October 19, 2009
Temple Muslim Students Association Attempts To Shut Down Wilders Event The Bulletin October 18, 2009
Protesters meet Dutch far-right MP Yahoo! News UK & Ireland October 16, 2009
The Jihad Is Joined At Temple University As Muslim Students Try To Shut Down Wilders Event FrontPage Magazine October 15, 2009
Wilders to travel to London on Friday October 15, 2009
An Ed Husain v Geert Wilders debate would be great for democracy Telegraph Blogs October 15, 2009
Wilders Wins FrontPage Magazine October 14, 2009
The Tribunal Has Ruled: Geert Wilders May Enter the UK Gates of Vienna October 13, 2009
Geert Wilders wins appeal against ban on travelling to UK The Guardian October 13, 2009
UK: Wilders' Muslim lawyer Islam in Europe October 13, 2009
Geert Wilders is free to enter Britain Telegraph Blogs October 13, 2009
Jacqui Smith week gets worse as Geert Wilders wins appeal Telegraph Blogs October 13, 2009
Britain wrong to ban Wilders, says court October 13, 2009
Dutch MP overturns UK entry ban BBC News October 13, 2009
U.K.: Ruling overturns Home Office decision barring Geert Wilders from the country Jihad Watch October 13, 2009
UK wrong to deny entry to Geert Wilders Radio Netherlands Worldwide October 13, 2009
Is 'Islamophobia' a Worldwide Free Speech Threat? CBN News September 15, 2009
Wilders' discrimination case in January September 14, 2009
Breaking: Geert Wilders on trial Janary 20th 2010 Klein Verzet September 12, 2009
Insult to Injury American Spectator September 9, 2009
Arabs charged over Dutch cartoon BBC News September 2, 2009
British Foreign Secretary Justifies Terrorism The Brussels Journal August 18, 2009
Websites not prosecuted for Danish cartoons August 18, 2009
Geert Wilders not to be prosecuted on cartoons August 18, 2009
"Legal Jihad": How Islamist Lawfare Tactics Are Targeting Free Speech ILSA Journal of International & Comparative Law Spring 2009
The Islamofascists are the Fascists, Not Geert Wilders The Brussels Journal July 14, 2009
Jihad By Court: "Moderate" Jordan Threatens Poet Eslam Samhan With Death Hudson New York June 29, 2009
Exclusive: Radical Muslims Abuse Western Lawfare Systems to Advance their Jihad Agenda Family Security Matters June 24, 2009
Counterterrorism Group Sues Marriott Over Wilders Event June 18, 2009
Geert Wilders Interview on ABC Sydney ABC Sydney June 18, 2009
Diana West's Speech in Copenhagen, June 14, 2009 Gates of Vienna June 18, 2009
Nashville hotel boots anti-jihad conference WorldNetDaily May 29, 2009
Muslim Group Shuts Down Conservative Conference May 28, 2009
Freedom of expression rediscovered Radio Netherlands Worldwide May 26, 2009
International Lawfare vs. Freedom of Speech Steel on Steel Radio May 23, 2009
Geert Wilders Up Close Hudson New York May 22, 2009
Dutch Supreme Court rules that Wilders can be prosecuted: Major 'Lawfare' assault on Free Speech New English Review May 21, 2009
Free Speech in Europe The American Spectator May 21, 2009
Prosecution of Wilders to go ahead May 20, 2009
Wilders to get no invite to free speech conference The Copenhagen Post Online May 14, 2009
Gimmickry, the Last Refuge of Appeasement The Brussels Journal May 12, 2009
Restricting free speech in Britain Financial Times Blog May 10, 2009
Danish group invites Dutch right-wing politician to conference Earth Times May 8, 2009
Geert Wilders Not Welcome in Denmark The New American May 4, 2009
The ADL: Wrong About Geert Wilders FrontPage Magazine May 3, 2009
Freedom of speech conference delayed again Copenhagen Post May 1, 2009
Why I am In America Fighting for Free Speech RightSideNews April 30, 2009
Hamas-linked CAIR demands that Florida House Majority Leader to step down for co-hosting an event featuring Geert Wilders Jihad Watch April 27, 2009
Netherlands: Dutch feel better about immigration, think freedom of religion should be limited Islam in Europe April 27, 2009
Dutch anti-Islam politician Wilders plans new film Reuters April 16, 2009
Geert Wilders' Wake-Up Call FrontPage Magazine April 15, 2009
Geert Wilders' Fight FrontPage Magazine April 13, 2009
Free Speech vs. Islam in Europe FrontPage Magazine April 8, 2009
Geert Wilders Rebuts Obama on Islam on the Threat to the West and America New English Review April 7, 2009
Wilders invite causes MP trouble March 25, 2009
France: Human rights organization sues Wilders Islam in Europe March 24, 2009
Supreme Court: Insulting Islam is Not Insulting Muslims Netherlands Info Services March 11, 2009
Netherlands: Insulting Islam doesn't automatically insult all Muslims Islam in Europe March 10, 2009
Islam Should Prove It's a Religion of Peace The Wall Street Journal March 9, 2009
Islam and freedom of speech The Boston Globe March 8, 2009
Sensitivity to religion cannot dictate the course of the law The Telegraph March 7, 2009
Geert Wilders: Laws Stifle Islam Criticism March 4, 2009
David Frum: Geert Wilders, a controversial leader for an intolerant time National Post February 28, 2009
Synagogue hails Dutch lawmaker as a hero JTA News February 27, 2009
Sponsoring Geert JTA Blogs February 25, 2009
A Dutch Hero Comes to Warn Us, Seek Our Support. The Incomparable Geert Wilders, MP, in New York City. Pajamas Media February 23, 2009
Geert Wilders' speech at the Four Seasons, New York Weblog Geertwilders February 23, 2009
IFPS and Geert Wilders Call for an International First Amendment The International Free Press Society February 23, 2009
Freedom of Speech: Wilders, Orwell, and the "Koran Ban" February 21, 2009
In Defense of Geert Wilders February 17, 2009
Geert Wilders Is a Test for Western Civilization Wall Street Journal February 17, 2009
Geert Wilders and the Fight for Europe National Review Online February 16, 2009
England's Muslim Spleen New York Post February 16, 2009
A Chamberlain Moment FrontPage Magazine February 13, 2009
Geert Wilders to Show "Fitna" and Receive Italian Anti-Jihad Award in Rome New English Review February 13, 2009
Preserving 'Harmony' for Islamic Radicals National Review Online February 13, 2009
Geert Wilders: Private Notice Question Lords Hansard February 12, 2009
Geert Wilders detained at Heathrow Airport Weblog Geertwilders February 12, 2009
Dutch MP banned from Britain over anti-Islam film is refused entry after arriving at Heathrow Daily Mail Online February 12, 2009
Is Geert Wilders inconsistent in calling for banning the Qur'an and defending free speech? Jihad Watch February 11, 2009
Will Geert Wilders Be Arrested at Heathrow? The Brussels Journal February 10, 2009
Dutch Film Producer Faces Prosecution for Insulting Muslims: How Do You Say "Free Speech" in Dutch? The Jewish Voice and Opinion February 5, 2009
Wilders Prosecution is a Welcome Opportunity to Expose Islam Family Security Matters February 3, 2009
Top lawyer to defend Dutch anti-Islam MP Wilders Radio Netherlands Worldwide February 3, 2009
Brave New Netherlands The International Free Press Society February 2, 2009
2009: A year to defend free speech The National Review January 26, 2009
British Parliament calls off screening of controversial film Associated Press of Pakistan January 23, 2009
Dutch Lawmaker, Charged With Insulting Islam, Fears Prison Sentence January 22, 2009
Death to Free Speech in the Netherlands American Spectator January 22, 2009
Holland's national suicide note January 21, 2009
Amsterdam Court of Appeal orders the criminal prosecution of the Member of Parliament of the Dutch Second Chamber Geert Wilders January 21, 2009
Geert Wilders to be prosecuted Radio Netherlands January 21, 2009
Dutch court: prosecute anti-Islamic lawmaker The Associated Press January 21, 2009
Islam film Dutch MP to be charged BBC News January 21, 2009
As Expected: European Parliament Bans Wilders' Movie The Brussels Journal December 17, 2008
The International War on Free Speech The American Spectator November 6, 2008
Dutch Islam critic meets foreign minister on charges in Jordan Deutsche Presse-Agentur June 26, 2008
Mohammed Cartoons and Minarets November 1, 2007

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Geert Wilders' Acquittal: An Important First Step for Free Speech in the Netherlands Legal Project Blog September 24, 2011
Wilders in Wonderland Legal Project Blog June 10, 2011
Stacking the Deck against Geert Wilders Legal Project Blog February 3, 2010
Liberty on Trial in Dutch Court Legal Project Blog January 12, 2010
For Geert Wilders, Law Finally Triumphs Over Politics in the United Kingdom Legal Project Blog October 13, 2009
Geert Wilders and CNN's Warped Mirror Legal Project Blog March 3, 2009


Title Publication Date
Geert Wilders Statement on MEF's Legal Project Announcement September 29, 2011

Geert Wilders Lauds Legal Project

"Last June, I was acquitted of all charges by an Amsterdam court. The Middle East Forum's Legal Project ... was always there to help, advise and assist ... The importance of the MEF's Legal Project in reclaiming free expression and political discourse ... cannot be overestimated."

Geert Wilders, September 29, 2011

Read the full text of Wilders' statement

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