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Title Publication Date
Islamic State: "We Will Take Spain Back" Gatestone Institute August 17, 2014
Imran Firasat Gets International Support Dagen August 1, 2014
Criticizing Islam Becomes "Incitement to Imminent Violence" Investigative Project on Terrorism June 11, 2014
Spain to Deport Pakistani Refugee for Criticizing Islam Gatestone Institute June 6, 2014
The First Amendment Also Died at Benghazi American Thinker May 12, 2014
Bolton: Identity Politics Hurts Debate on Radical Islam Newsmax May 12, 2014
"A Racially Aggravated Crime Under Section 4 of the Public Order Act" Gates of Vienna April 27, 2014
The slow death of free speech The Spectator April 19, 2014
Things Get Tense When Bachmann Grills Former CIA Deputy Director Over Benghazi Talking Points The Blaze April 2, 2014
Unasked questions fog facts on Benghazi The Washington Times March 31, 2014
CIA officer confirmed no protests before misleading Benghazi account given The Washington Times March 31, 2014
Video: David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise on Sharia and the freedom of speech Jihad Watch March 30, 2014
Turkey PM Erdogan defiant over Twitter ban Al Jazeera March 23, 2014
Sounding the Alarm on Silent Jihad Religous Freedom Coalition March 13, 2014
Google Warns 'Muslims' Ruling Will Create Hollywood Chaos The Hollywood Reporter March 3, 2014
YouTube Ordered to Remove Anti-Muslim Film Cho Sun Media February 28, 2014
'Innocence of Muslims' Actress Scores Huge Victory at Appeals Court The Hollywood Reporter February 26, 2014
The Real Agenda Behind the Push for "Islamophobia" Gatestone Institute February 25, 2014
Muslim Group Threatens Canada PM with Libel Suit Breitbart Big Peace January 28, 2014
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation's "Islamophobia" Campaign against Freedom Religous Freedom Coalition January 20, 2014
Imran Firasat Asylum Revoked Silence the Messenger January 18, 2014
Why is the NY Times preparing the way for Hillary's run? The Washington Times January 2, 2014
Many Things Rotten in Denmark Frontpage Magazine November 13, 2013
The State Department should Leave the Istanbul Process American Thinker November 10, 2013
Kuwait upholds sentence for Twitter 'insults' Yahoo News October 28, 2013
The Dangers of the OIC "Islamophobia" Campaign Gates of Vienna October 27, 2013
Geneva Conference Moves Toward Criminalizing "Islamophobia" Frontpage Magazine October 22, 2013
South African Radio Station Fined for Unflattering Mention of Islam Breitbart Big Peace October 17, 2013
French journalist is prosecuted under 19th century press law for questioning Islam during a radio debate UK Daily Mail October 9, 2013
FREE SPEECH UNDER ATTACK Sun News September 29, 2013
International 'Islamophobia' Conference Promotes Sharia Agenda Breitbart September 28, 2013
NGO Paper: What Does "Islamophobia" Mean? International Civil Liberties Alliance September 26, 2013
INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ISLAMOPHOBIA: LAW & MEDIA Directorate General of Press and Information September 12, 2013
United Nations' War on Free Speech Continues Frontpage Magazine September 6, 2013
Freedom Of Speech Is A Human Right Stresemann Foundation September 1, 2013
NYPD designates mosques as terrorism organizations AP News August 28, 2013
Arab MK's Sharia Blasphemy Demand on Israel American Thinker August 23, 2013
Silencing a secularist in Turkey The Washington Times August 8, 2013
Imprisoned 'Innocence of Muslims' producer Nakoula Nakoula: 'I want the world to see the truth' The Daily Caller August 5, 2013
German Police Make Another Arrest In Connection With Murder Attempt on Islam Critic Islam versus Europe Blog August 2, 2013
Germany: Islam Critic Zahid Khan Attacked by Two Men With Knives, Shoots One of Them Islam versus Europe Blog July 31, 2013
Man who revealed tattoo of a mosque being blown up during EDL march is arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred k Daily Mail July 30, 2013
Former Imam Regrets His Role in the Cartoon Crisis: Now I Understand Drawings BT July 29, 2013
France: Slouching Toward Totalitarianism Gatestone Institute July 18, 2013
Deconstructing Islamophobia Gates of Vienna July 15, 2013
British Government Takes A Battering On Its Human Rights Record At OSCE International Civil Liberties Alliance July 11, 2013
Federal Government Responds to Racism Allegations of UN Der Taggesspiegel July 11, 2013
Muslim leaders to the Danish integration policy makers: "You will be punished in hell" Avpixlat July 10, 2013
Charlie Hebdo is at it Again Gates of Vienna July 10, 2013
Undaunted: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff's Fight for Free Speech Frontpage Magazine July 5, 2013
Human Rights Activist Imram Firasat Releases His "Innocense of Islamic Jihad" Movie for Independence Day Gateway Pundit July 4, 2013
Far-right US bloggers banned from entering UK for Woolwich rally The UK Guardian June 26, 2013
OIC Opens Office in Brussels to Fight "Islamophobia" in Europe Gatestone Institute June 26, 2013
The Istanbul Process Continues Gates of Vienna June 23, 2013
German Left Ramps Up Attacks on Islam Critics Frontpage Magazine June 18, 2013
EU Challenges the UN and OIC on Press Freedom American Thinker June 18, 2013
Victory in a Blasphemy Case in Pakistan Shaheryar Gill June 14, 2013
'Islamophobia': A Strategy Devised Before 9/11 The Clarion Project June 12, 2013
Egyptian author appeals for protection following Islamist threats Ahram Online June 10, 2013
EXCLUSIVE: Jailed filmmaker vows to finish film wrongly blamed for Benghazi attack Fox News June 10, 2013
Free Speech Goes Down to Defeat Down Under American Thinker June 8, 2013
EDL's Tommy Robinson on the BillO Show: Islam is not a religion of peace; it never has been and never will be June 7, 2013
The Perpetual 'Other': Nisanyan Discusses Court Sentence, Minority Politics in Turkey Armenian Weekly June 4, 2013
Another Obama Assault on Free Speech Frontpage Magazine June 3, 2013
Questioning the right to tweet Washington Post Europe June 1, 2013
Feds suggest anti-Muslim speech can be punished Politico May 31, 2013
DOJ: Social Media Posts Trashing Muslims May Violate Civil Rights Judicial Watch May 30, 2013
Thought Criminals Arrested after London Horror Frontpage Mag May 30, 2013
The Problem of Muslim Leadership Wall Street Journal May 27, 2013
What About the Video? The Weekly Standard May 27, 2013
DISTORTING NIAC'S COURT DEFEAT Breitbart Big Journalism May 26, 2013
Q & A: Sevan Nisanyan, Turkish-Armenian Blogger Sentenced for Blasphemy Ianyan Mag May 25, 2013
U.S. Praises Sharia Censorship Frontpage Mag May 24, 2013
German Government Ramps Up Monitoring of Conservatives Frontpage Mag May 23, 2013
Switzerland: Multicultural Paradise? Gatestone Institute May 21, 2013
A Jew, a Christian, and a Muslim Walk Into a Bar… Commentary May 21, 2013
Catholic Cardinal Calls for End to Blasphemy Laws Frontpage Mag May 21, 2013
Danish documentary film (18 min.): "Collision! Free Speech and Religion" Islam versus Europe May 16, 2013
UN Pressures Germany to Bow to 'Hate Speech' Hysteria Frontpage Mag May 16, 2013
ANOTHER ANTI-ISLAMIST-VIDEO SCANDAL World Net Daily TV - Stakelbeck on Terror May 15, 2013
Michael Stürzenberger Acquitted in Munich Gates of Vienna May 14, 2013
'Blame It On the Video' Was a Fraud As To Cairo Rioting, Too National Review May 13, 2013
Protest not the agenda as Daniel Pipes comes to Ottawa Ottawa Citizen May 12, 2013
The Benghazi Patsy May 10, 2013
Exclusive: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference ABC News May 10, 2013
The Media's Muhammad Blackout Defers Again to Islam Frontpage Mag May 10, 2013
Did you know You Could Be Jailed For Blasphemy? — in America Before It's News May 9, 2013
Blow-by-Blow: How Obama & Hillary Left Americans to Die Frontpage Magazine May 9, 2013
Father of Murdered Team 6 SEAL: "My Son Did Not Become a Navy SEAL to Win the Hearts and Minds of Islamic Jihadists" Frontpage Magazine May 9, 2013
Obama's Benghazi Propagandist Frontpage Magazine May 9, 2013
A Coverup Laid Bare Real Clear Politics May 9, 2013
Benghazi Hall of Shame Reason May 9, 2013
Benghazi: Exposing Failure and Recognizing Courage United States House of Representatives Committee on Oversight & Government Reform May 8, 2013
Filed the case against a Pakistani accused of being "a threat to national security" Cadena SER May 3, 2013
Anti-Islamist Imran Firasat Acquitted of Hate Crime Charges in Spain Gateway Pundit May 3, 2013
Ned May OSCE Testimony International Civil Liberties Alliance May 1, 2013
The World's Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life April 30, 2013
A landmark victory for the freedom of expression in Europe: Imran Firasat acquitted of hate crime Jihad Watch April 30, 2013
Petition to Jorge Fernández Díaz: "Home Minister of the Government of Spain, Jorge Fernandez Diaz, Keep the city's refugee status for Imran Firasat!" April 30, 2013
"Racist Hate Speech" Conviction in Belgium for Tearing up Koran in Front of a Group of Muslims The Volokh Conspiracy April 25, 2013
Turkey Convicts World-Renowned Pianist for 'Defaming' Islam Frontpage Magazine April 23, 2013
Racism Accusations - UN rebuke Germany because Sarrazin Der Taggesspiegel April 18, 2013
Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Free Speech Under Assault Christian Broadcast News Network April 17, 2013
Germany Cracks Down on Critics of Mega-Mosque Gatestone Institute April 16, 2013
Shadowing Europe with the 'Islamophobia' Canard Family Security Matters April 12, 2013
CAIR Claims Victory Over AP Stylebook's Restrictions on Word 'Islamist' CNS News April 8, 2013
Europe: The Submission That Dare Not Speak Its Name Gatestone Institute March 28, 2013
OIC Ramps Up 'Islamophobia' Campaign Frontpage Magazine February 28, 2013
The Alliance of Civilization Jihad Gates of Vienna Blog February 28, 2013
U.N. told atheists face discrimination around globe Yahoo News February 26, 2013
OIC coming back with another attempt to stamp out free speech National Secular Society Blog February 22, 2013
Speech: Free and unfree Harry's Place Blog February 19, 2013
OIC gears up to get denigration of religions criminalized Saudi Gazette February 18, 2013
The Jihad On Free Speech Investors Business Daily February 11, 2013
Islamist Censorship Charges On National Review Online February 11, 2013
Ban calls for UN cooperation with Islamic bloc to address Syria, Mali crisis NZ Week February 8, 2013
Warsi and the OIC Harry's Place Blog February 7, 2013
Radical Islam's Global Reaction: The Push for Blasphemy Laws World Affairs Journal February 5, 2013
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff Stands Up For Freedom Of Expression In Bonn, Germany ICLA Blog February 4, 2013
Beyond Islamophobia Gates of Vienna Blog February 3, 2013
The "Victimology" Subterfuge Gatestone Institute January 15, 2013
The Plight of Christians in Pakistan – An Interview With Sabatina James ICLA Blog January 10, 2013
Too Cowardly To Print Muhammad Cartoons? PJ Media January 10, 2013
From Al Gore to Al Jazeera National Review Online January 10, 2013
The OIC: Quietly Islamizing the West Gates of Vienna Blog January 5, 2013
OIC Urges France to Act Against Muhammad Cartoon Magazine Business Week January 4, 2013
OIC slams French caricature of Prophet Arab News January 3, 2013
Charlie Hebdo runs blasphemous cartoons in provocative move Today's Zaman (Turkey) January 3, 2013
Iran Urges OIC to Move to Harness Insult to Islam Fars News Agency January 2, 2013
Islamophobia: "A Problematic Concept" Gates of Vienna Blog December 27, 2012
Imran Firasat Clears His Name Against Muslim Claims And Indonesian Hypocrisy Faith Freedom Blog December 26, 2012
ICLA's OSCE Mission In 2012 – Reflections Europe News December 26, 2012
Blasphemy and Islam National Review Online December 15, 2012
Appealing to the ECHR Gates of Vienna Blog December 11, 2012
UK Government Complicit In OIC Anti-Free Speech Raid ICLA Blog December 10, 2012
Fatal Attraction: US Flirts with International Speech Codes American Thinker December 9, 2012
Europe Unites to Fight Rising Intolerance and Xenophobia Gates of Vienna Blog December 3, 2012
Stephen Coughlin: The Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Law, and the Death Sentence Against Terry Jones Gates of Vienna Blog December 3, 2012
America Again Submits to the Istanbul Process National Review Online December 3, 2012
For Slandering Islam, Terry Jones Must Die Gates of Vienna Blog November 29, 2012
Saudi King Opens Religious Tolerance Center in Europe to 'Spread the Message of Islam' CNS News November 27, 2012
David Horowitz TV Free Speech vs. Anti Blasphemy The Frontline Battle 2012 - Q A. YouTube November 23, 2012
David Horowitz TV Free Speech vs. Anti Blasphemy The Frontline Battle 2012 - Brooke Goldstein YouTube November 23, 2012
David Horowitz TV Free Speech vs. Anti Blasphemy The Frontline Battle 2012 - Deborah Weiss YouTube November 23, 2012
Robert Spencer speaks about the war against free speech Jihad Watch Blog November 23, 2012
State Department official attends OIC meeting on banning "defamation of Islam," OIC scrubs website to remove mention of U.S. official's attendance Jihad Watch Blog November 20, 2012
State Dept. Official to Attend OIC Meeting Today on Banning 'Defamation of Islam' PJ Media November 19, 2012
Pakistan pushes for international blasphemy laws The Free Thinker November 16, 2012
When Obama's Mask Comes Off — on The Glazov Gang Frontpage Magazine November 15, 2012
Intimidated into Silence Gates of Vienna Blog November 9, 2012
WEISS: After Benghazi, Muslims attack free speech The Washington Times November 5, 2012
Robert Spencer and Michael Coren on U.S. Muslims' opposition to the freedom of speech Jihad Watch Blog November 2, 2012
America's Nameless War With a Nameless Enemy Radical Islam October 29, 2012
Saudi king urges UN action against religious insults France 24 October 29, 2012
Qatar aims for UN sponsored blasphemy law Harry's Place Blog October 24, 2012
Freedom of speech: Law and 'Innocence of Muslims' Jerusalem Post October 24, 2012
Pillay: Hatred, free speech don't mix United Press International October 24, 2012
The War Against Free Speech Rages On Frontpage Magazine October 22, 2012
Islam: Qatar designs a law against offending religions ANSAmed October 20, 2012
The OIC's Legal Jihad Gates of Vienna Blog October 19, 2012
Muslim Lobbyist Represents U.S. at European Human Rights Conference Gatestone Institute October 18, 2012
The Obama Doctrine? Censuring Free Speech International Business Times October 18, 2012
West's free speech stand bars blasphemy ban: OIC Chicago Tribune October 17, 2012
A Year of Blasphemy Popehat Blog October 15, 2012
New Threats to Free Speech Gatestone Institute October 15, 2012
OSCE Warsaw: A Major Victory for Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa Gates of Vienna Blog October 15, 2012
Shut up and play nice: How the Western world is limiting free speech Washington Post October 13, 2012
Anti-Islam film prompts Saudi call for net censorship body Telegraph (UK) October 12, 2012
Saudi Arabia Suggests Global Internet Regulations To Preserve 'Public Order' International Business Times October 12, 2012
Anti-blasphemy laws don't work in Muslim countries, and they won't work here The Conversation (Australia) October 9, 2012
Gulen's False Choice: Silence or Violence Gatestone Institute October 8, 2012
Speech of David Erzet – Warsaw – OSCE 2012 ICLA Blog October 8, 2012
Free Speech, Muhammad's Character — And Ours PJ Media October 6, 2012
OSCE Warsaw: "Threats Have No Place Here" Gates of Vienna Blog October 4, 2012
The Reality of Anti-Blasphemy Laws Daily Beast October 4, 2012
The Folly of Appeasement Wall Street Journal October 4, 2012
OSCE Warsaw: Kamal Fahmi on Freedom of Speech Gates of Vienna Blog October 3, 2012
OSCE Warsaw: The Battle Has Begun Gates of Vienna Blog October 3, 2012
High U.N. Official Calls Free Speech a 'Gift' Frontpage Magazine October 3, 2012
Muslims Abroad Should Respect the American Tradition of Free Speech as They Debate Their Own Huffington Post October 3, 2012
Behead All Those Who Insult Free Speech National Review Online October 3, 2012
Blasphemy Day -- Because We Can! Huffington Post October 2, 2012
Daniel Baer (U.S. State Department) on Freedom of Speech and Hostility to Religions The Volokh Conspiracy October 2, 2012
Diana West: 'Slander' and free speech are one and the same The Mercury October 1, 2012
UK signs agreement on "religious freedom" with OIC National Security Society Blog October 1, 2012
Algeria at UN: Limit free speech, protect Islam Google News October 1, 2012
At United Nations, Organization Of Islamic Cooperation Calls For Ban On Insulting Prophet Muhammad Huffington Post October 1, 2012
Own Up Obama Ezra Levant Blog September 29, 2012
At U.N., Muslim world questions Western freedom of speech Reuters September 29, 2012
Blasphemy Laws: The Next Step in 'Religious Tolerance' Breitbart: Big Peace September 28, 2012
Warning: Mind Your Free Speech The Source - SUN News September 27, 2012
Yudhoyono touts blasphemy ban at UN The Jakarta Post September 27, 2012
Obama's Miss at the U.N. National Review Online September 26, 2012
Obama Addresses the U.N. National Review Online September 26, 2012
World Muslim group demands laws against 'Islamophobia' Euro News September 25, 2012
U.N. Secretary General Argues That "Provok[ing] or Humiliat[ing] … Others' Values and Beliefs" "Cannot Be Protected' by the Freedom of Expression The Volokh Conspiracy Blog September 25, 2012
Muslim-led nations seek global ban on insults of Muhammad The Washington Times September 25, 2012
Speech: 'The Future Must Not Belong to Those Who Slander the Prophet of Islam' The Blaze September 25, 2012
Please, No More Apologies For Free Speech National Review Online September 24, 2012
Does Innocence Of Muslims Pass The Free Speech Test? The Source September 21, 2012
Charlie Hebdo Prepares For Violent Backlash Frontpage Magazine September 20, 2012
UN chief: Free speech must be protected, unless it provokes or humiliates someone's beliefs Hot Air September 20, 2012
Support (Islamic) mental health Powerline Blog September 20, 2012
Turkey PM Pushes International Blasphemy Laws Frontpage Magazine September 19, 2012
Obama's Appeasement National Review Online September 19, 2012
Ultimatum to US: 'Criminalise blasphemy or lose consulate Express Tribune (India) September 18, 2012
Iran writes to UN over anti-Islam film Bernama (Malaysia) September 18, 2012
The Muhammad Movie Riots PJ Media September 17, 2012
Obama Adminstration Breaches the First Amendment Family Security Matters September 17, 2012
Enemies without, enemies within and the battle for free speech American Thinker September 17, 2012
Islamic Bloc: We Told You This Would Happen If You 'Hurt the Religious Sentiments of Muslims CNS News September 14, 2012
More Than a Movie: Experts Claim Real Reason for U.S. Embassy Attacks Is Much More Sinister The Blaze September 13, 2012
Obama Co-Sponsored UN's Free Speech Restrictions--With Egypt--in 2009 Breitbart: Big Peace September 12, 2012
U.S. Embassy Favors Religious Feelings over Free Speech, Attacked Anyway National Review Online September 11, 2012
World Community Takes On 'Islamophobia' Frontpage Magazine September 11, 2012
Christian group to hold conference on Pakistan blasphemy law Reuters August 23, 2012
Why the U.S. Must Oppose Blasphemy Laws — Not Just Their Abuse National Review Online August 22, 2012
The European Court of Human Rights and Free-Speech Schizophrenia American Thinker August 12, 2012
Defending Free Speech Leaves Top Obama Department of Justice Official Speechless Faith Freedom Blog August 6, 2012
How Can a Minute be "Racist"? Times of Israel July 27, 2012
The Reading of the Brussels Declaration Gates of Vienna Blog July 20, 2012
The death throes of free speech in Europe Gates of Vienna Blog July 13, 2012
Pointing the Way for Freedom of Speech and the Press Gates of Vienna Blog July 12, 2012
Brussels Process Launched By The International Civil Liberties Alliance On 9 July 2012 ICLA Blog July 12, 2012
The Brussels Declaration Europe News July 11, 2012
The Baron Reports: Brussels Process Was A Great Success Gates of Vienna Blog July 9, 2012
Pakistan turns to Interpol after Twitter declines to help manage "anti-Islamic material" Twitter Blog May 21, 2012
U.S. Leads Effort to Criminalize Free Speech Gatestone Institute May 19, 2012
Western Sharia National Review Online May 14, 2012
Muslim states agree to media blitz in fight against Islamophobia Today's Zaman (Turkey) April 23, 2012
An Introduction to Danish Culture Front Page Magazine April 11, 2012
Jailings for racism on Twitter? Britain's forgotton fight for free speech The Commentator March 30, 2012
"Draft resolution "Combating intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization of, and discrimination, incitement to violence, and violence against persons based on religion or belief"" UN Watch Blog March 15, 2012
INTERPOL not involved in arrest or deportation of Saudi blogger Interpol Website March 13, 2012
Free Speech vs. Islamists: Why the West Is Losing Pajamas Media March 12, 2012
Islamic [Insert Pretext Here] Rage Big Peace March 5, 2012
NATO: 2 coalition U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan USA Today March 1, 2012
Breaking: Afghan National Website Confirms That NATO Agreed to Hold Trial For Those Accused of Koran Burning Gateway Pundit Blog February 27, 2012
OIC "Workshops" Speech Crime Family Security Matters February 23, 2012
Saudi Blogger Faces Trial for Apostasy Voice of America February 21, 2012
Letter from UN's Islamic group to UNHRC President Opposing Panel on Violence Against Gays UN Watch Blog February 20, 2012
The Strange Views of Mr. Quraishi and their Disturbing Implications for Free Speech Faith Freedom Blog February 17, 2012
Michael Coren & Tarek Fatah Discuss Blasphemous Tweeter Hamza Kashgari Blazing Cat Fur Blog February 15, 2012
Shariah's Police? Center for Security Policy February 15, 2012
How the West Is Fanning Islamic Extremism Faith Freedom Blog February 15, 2012
Dutch stand up for Saudi Twitter apostate Radio Netherlands Worldwide February 14, 2012
OIC To Hold Media Workshop To Address Smear Campaign Against Islam Bernama February 13, 2012
The Long Arm of Saudi Blasphemy Laws National Review Online February 13, 2012
Interpol accused after journalist arrested over Muhammad tweet Guardian (UK) February 11, 2012
Islam and Free Speech: OIC vs. Universal Declaration of Human Rights Stonegate Institute February 8, 2012
Who Defames the Prophet? Stonegate Institute February 7, 2012
British Muslims Try to Ban Negative Reporting of Islam Stonegate Institute February 7, 2012
Muslim Firsters and Israel Firsters Sultan Knish Blog February 1, 2012
YouTube Cracks Down on British Freedom Gates of Vienna Blog January 30, 2012
Reporters Without Credibility Front Page Magazine January 30, 2012
The misguided efforts by UN and others to outlaw blasphemy New York Post January 30, 2012
Fighting Back Against Lawfare Front Page Magazine January 26, 2012
Will An International Blasphemy Law Hurt The Interests Of Muslim Minorities In The United Kingdom? International Civil Liberties Alliance Blog January 25, 2012
Fighting for the Truth About Little Rock and Fort Hood Front Page Magazine January 24, 2012
Islam's OIC: The World's Thought Police Stonegate Institute January 20, 2012
OIC concerned about the rise of Islamophobia in western politics Arab News January 20, 2012
OIC: "The Islamophobes Are Too Much For Us" Gates of Vienna Blog January 17, 2012
Criminalizing Religious Criticism: UN Resolution Threatens Freedom of Speech Crosswalk January 16, 2012
Muslims Attacked! National Review Online January 12, 2012
U.S., E.U. Spearhead Islamic Bid To Criminalize Free Speech Stonegate Institute January 6, 2012
2011: The Islamic Supremacists Advance Human Events December 28, 2011
State Department 'Panders' to Islamists on Free Speech Family Security Matters December 23, 2011
The Obama Administration's Islamist Whitewashing Campaign Frontpage Magazine December 22, 2011
U.N. Adopts 'Religious Intolerance' Resolution Championed by Obama Administration CNS News December 22, 2011
State Department Hosts Conference On Implementing U.N. Freedom of Religion Resolution Religion Clause Blog December 19, 2011
A perverse 'process' New York Post December 17, 2011
Hillary Clinton suggests Islamic governments fear religious debate Daily Caller December 16, 2011
Coddling the 'Islamophobia' Police Frontpage Magazine December 15, 2011
Islamic World Tells Clinton: Defamation of Islam Must be Prevented - - in America American Thinker December 14, 2011
Egypt summons Dutch ambassador over MP's anti-Islamic statements Ahram Online December 14, 2011
D.C. Islamophobia Conference Was a Bad Idea National Review Online December 13, 2011
Islamic governments push for speech curbs in the US Daily Caller December 13, 2011
Criminalizing intolerance Los Angeles Times December 13, 2011
Obama Administration Welcoming Islamic Group to Washington for Discussion on 'Tolerance' CNS News December 12, 2011
Criticism of Islam Could Soon be a Crime in America Family Security Matters December 9, 2011
What About Moderate Muslims? Frontpage Magazine December 8, 2011
Europe's radical right focuses on fighting Islam Google December 8, 2011
The End of Religious Freedom Pajamas Media December 8, 2011
The State Department vs. Free Speech Wall Street Journal December 5, 2011
A Brief History of the Transatlantic Counterjihad, Part III(b) Gates of Vienna November 29, 2011
The United Nations: The Devil's Jury Hudson NY November 29, 2011
Complaint against Wilders goes to UN Radio Netherlands November 18, 2011
Facing the Truth About Islam Frontpage Magazine November 18, 2011
Has the OSCE Succumbed to Shariah? An Interview with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff New English Review November 17, 2011
OSCE: The murky waters of political correctness Europe News Blog November 14, 2011
'Silenced' Authors: Sharia Proponents Suppressing Our Right to Free Speech Big Peace November 14, 2011
Free Speech Concerns Ahead of Meeting With Muslim Nations on Religious Tolerance Frontpage Magazine November 14, 2011
The Case for Banning Sharia Law in America American Thinker November 14, 2011
The OSCE Fights Racism and Xenophobia in Vienna Gates of Vienna November 11, 2011
Blasphemy not a crime: UN official The Jakarta Post November 11, 2011
OSCE Meeting in Vienna: When good intentions go bad Europe News Blog November 11, 2011
Seeing Real Life Sharia In Action (Part III) Big Peace November 9, 2011
Seeing Real Life Sharia In Action (Part II) Big Peace November 8, 2011
Firebombing Free Speech In Paris Frontpage Magazine November 3, 2011
Ezra Levant and Nina Shea: Suppresion of Free Speech by the OIC Gates of Vienna November 2, 2011
The End of Freedom of Expression in Europe Gates of Vienna October 31, 2011
Combating defamation of religions: Report of the Secretary-General October 17, 2011
Explaining Saudi Censorship The Source September 20, 2011
'We Shall Never Forget'--a 9/11 Coloring Book--Commits Thoughtcrime Human Events September 6, 2011
ESW: Europe is Changing, Part 2 Gates of Vienna September 1, 2011
The Administration Takes on 'Islamophobia' National Review Online September 1, 2011
The Breivik Portfolio, Part Three: The OIC Connection Gates of Vienna August 23, 2011
Whitewash in the White House Gates of Vienna August 18, 2011
United Nations Affirms the Human Right to Blaspheme Religion Dispatches August 12, 2011
Why Clinton skirted the Anti-Semitism issue at the OIC—a theory Capital J Blog August 10, 2011
US State Department to coordinate measures against "religious defamation" Hot Air August 6, 2011
The OIC Calls the Shots Gates of Vienna August 3, 2011
OIC/Islamophobia: OIC Observatory warned since 2009 against the growth of the extreme right in Europe, Washington plans to host a meeting on resolution opposing defamation of religions International Islamic News Agency August 2, 2011
Freedom from Islam National Review Online July 26, 2011
The Cartoonphobia War Goes On Frontpage July 23, 2011
New Name, Same Old Focus for Islamic Bloc CNS News July 1, 2011
Geert Wilders Acquitted National Review Online June 23, 2011
To fight the xenophobic populists, we need more free speech, not less Guardian May 13, 2011
UN could move to target criticism of Islam as 'hate speech' Catholic News Agency May 6, 2011
Tajikistan urges UN to try to stop republication of Muhammad cartoons Interfax May 6, 2011
Re: The OIC vs. Freedom of Expression National Review Online April 13, 2011
The OIC vs. Freedom of Expression National Review Online April 7, 2011
Free Speech in a Non Free World Family Security Matters April 6, 2011
Pakistan: Christian man goes into hiding when told 'convert or die' Spero News April 6, 2011
Ban Ki-moon condemns desecration of Quran Pakistan Dawn April 6, 2011
"Uncontrollable" Muslim Violence: The Latest Excuse Canada Free Press April 5, 2011
'Ten UN workers killed' at Afghan Koran protest Yahoo News April 1, 2011
Afghan police arrest suspected mastermind of UN attack Globe and Mail April 1, 2011
An Anti-Blasphemy Measure Laid to Rest National Review Online March 31, 2011
Pakistani Minister calls on Interpol and the Pope to condemn Florida Koran burning Asia News March 31, 2011
UN rights body ditches call to condemn religious 'defamation,' focuses on freedom of belief Washington Post March 25, 2011
BA passes resolution against desecration of the Holy Quran Associated Press of Pakistan March 24, 2011
Infamous Anti-Blasphemy Resolution Doomed by Bhatti Assassination National Review Online March 18, 2011
How the U.N. Encourages Religious Murder The Wall Street Journal February 14, 2011
The OIC's Double Standard National Review Online January 17, 2011
U.N. Passes Religious 'Defamation' Resolution Sponsored by Islamic Nations, But Support Dwindles CNS News December 22, 2010
The Dangerous Idea of Protecting Religions from "Defamation" United States Commission on International Religious Freedom Fall 2009
"Defamation of Religions" Resolution Breakdown (3/25/10) April 1, 2010
UN council targets Swiss anti-minaret vote March 25, 2010
Human Rights Council adopts resolutions on social forum and ad hoc committee on elaboration of complementary standards United Nations Human Rights March 25, 2010
No to an international blasphemy law The Guardian March 25, 2010
Combatting Defamation of Religions: U.S. Explanation of Vote United States Mission Geneva March 25, 2010
IHEU Statement on "Restrictions on and defamation of religion" International Ethical and Humanist Union March 23, 2010
Strains Emerging on "Defamation of Religion" Ahead of Important Vote UN Watch March 23, 2010
Human Rights Council discusses racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights March 23, 2010
OIC Slams 'Demonic' Portrayal of Islam, But Support for Religious 'Defamation' Measures Continues to Erode December 21, 2009
Support lower for U.N. text on religion defamation Reuters December 18, 2009
Review: The Cartoons that Shook the World, by Jytte Klausen Cartoon logic The Globe and Mail November 23, 2009
Bid for blasphemy ban: Wrong tack on religion The Chronicle-Herald November 23, 2009
Poll finds strong support for right to criticise religion Christian Today November 23, 2009
AP Exclusive: Muslim countries seek blasphemy ban Yahoo! News Asia November 20, 2009
Islamic Nations Seek Legally Binding Way to Counter Religious 'Defamation' November 16, 2009
Support for UN religious defamation rule drops November 16, 2009
Support drops for UN resolution on religious defamation The National November 14, 2009
The Dangerous Idea of Protecting Religions from "Defamation" United States Commission on International Religious Freedom November 11, 2009
How the Recent UN Human Rights Council Resolution on Freedom of Speech Exemplifies the Dangers of Authoritarian Regimes' Influence over International Human Rights Law The Volokh Conspiracy November 1, 2009
Troubling Signals On Free Speech National Journal Magazine October 31, 2009
Stuart Taylor on Obama Administration's Endorsement of Restricting "Advocacy of Religious Hatred That Constitutes Incitement to Hostility" The Volokh Conspiracy October 30, 2009
Islamic countries push a global 'blasphemy' law The Christian Science Monitor October 27, 2009
Clinton Denounces Proposed 'Defamation of Religions' Policies The Christian Post October 27, 2009
Nigeria: Country, OIC, Move Against Religious Defamation October 23, 2009
Just say no to blasphemy laws USA Today October 19, 2009
Obama's Resolution to Stifle Free Speech on Islam FrontPage Magazine October 16, 2009
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Title Publication Date
Legal Project Part of Chorus of Opposition to UN Resolutions Banning Defamation of Religion Announcement November 12, 2009
The European Center for Law and Justice Submits Crucial Report to the UN about Freedom of Speech Announcement June 2008

Geert Wilders Lauds Legal Project

"Last June, I was acquitted of all charges by an Amsterdam court. The Middle East Forum's Legal Project ... was always there to help, advise and assist ... The importance of the MEF's Legal Project in reclaiming free expression and political discourse ... cannot be overestimated."

Geert Wilders, September 29, 2011

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