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"[Those] who won our independence believed ... the path of safety lies in the opportunity to discuss freely supposed grievances and proposed remedies." — Justice Brandeis
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Title Date
Freedom of Speech Is Under Assault in America: Book Review of The Silencing: How the Left Is Killing Free Speech, by Kirsten Power January 5, 2016
Follow-Up on the U.S. Supreme Court, Speech Regulation, and Islam August 17, 2015
Should Israel Criminalize Insulting Muslims? July 28, 2015
Muslim Teacher Loses Claim School Violated His Free Speech Rights and Discriminated Against His Religion July 20, 2015
The U.S. Supreme Court, Speech Regulation, and Islam June 23, 2015
Good Taste Offered as Rationale for Suppressing Muhammad Cartoons June 5, 2015
The Current Struggle for the Soul of Academia June 1, 2015
Ninth Circuit Reverses Course in Garcia v. Google: YouTube Video 'Innocence of Muslims' Back in Business May 27, 2015
Spanish Police Issue Expulsion Order for Imran Firasat March 20, 2014
OIC Blames Free Speech for "Islamophobia" in West December 11, 2013
Spain Wants to Deport Critic of Islam November 28, 2013
"Islamophobia Dictionaries," New Mega-Mosques and Other Recent Events A Survey of Islam in Europe: September 2013 October 9, 2013
France: Slouching Toward Totalitarianism July 18, 2013
Thought Criminals Arrested after London Horror May 30, 2013
Europe: The Submission That Dare Not Speak Its Name April 6, 2013
[Defending Lars Hedegaard:] "A Stew of Anti-Muslim Bile and Conspiracy-Laden Forecasts" March 6, 2013
How Sickening Will Sweden Get? February 26, 2013
Ex-Muslim Imran Firasat, says "Those who refuse to accept Islam must be persecuted until they convert, or be killed" January 13, 2013
Have the Islamists already won on Defamation of Religion? December 20, 2012
When a Judge Defends the First Amendment November 3, 2012
Bashy is Back: The Still Strange Views of Mr. Quraishy on Free Speech October 20, 2012
Director Sam Nunberg's Interviews on The Source September 28, 2012
Iranian Regime Loses to Legal Project in Federal District Court September 18, 2012
The Legal Project on behalf of 'Zombie Mohammed' calls for Judge Mark Martin to be removed from Bench for his Violation of First Amendment Protections September 10, 2012
Free Speech Victory makes Germany's Lawfare Score 1:1 July 16, 2012
Long "South Park" Sentence a Win for Free Speech June 23, 2012
Media Release: Bruce Bawer Praises the Legal Project for its Critical Assistance in Anders Breivik Trial June 19, 2012
The Southern Poverty Law Center's Shameful Attack on Defenders of Freedom June 13, 2012
Bawer & Fjordman Removed From Breivik Circus June 3, 2012
Lawfare Reaches Germany May 6, 2012
Danish Supreme Court Acquits Hedegaard April 21, 2012
Hedegaard's Appeal to the Danish Supreme Court April 12, 2012
LP Fellow Ann Snyder Speaks at a Capitol Hill Policy Seminar February 25, 2012
The Strange Views of Mr. Quraishi and their Disturbing Implications for Free Speech February 17, 2012
Disinformation and Lawfare: the Al-Dura Cases February 16, 2012
The OSCE: Yet Another Avenue for Islamists to Control Speech February 3, 2012
North American Muslims Join Effort to Support Husain Haqqani January 23, 2012
Update on State Department-OIC Conference in DC: "The Istanbul Process" December 13, 2011
Why is the Obama Administration Giving the OIC a Say in Our Right to Free Speech? December 10, 2011
GMU Law Holds its Ground on Free Speech October 4, 2011
Geert Wilders' Acquittal: An Important First Step for Free Speech in the Netherlands September 24, 2011
Wilders in Wonderland June 10, 2011
Another Bite at the Apple: Hedegaard Found Guilty May 10, 2011
It's Time to Take a Stand for Free Speech April 29, 2011
February was Hate Speech Month in Europe March 14, 2011
Eternal Vigilance in the Defense of Free Speech: An Interview with Lars Hedegaard March 3, 2011
Islamists on the March January 13, 2011
Lessons From Denmark December 31, 2010
I Confess, Too. December 20, 2010
Unlearning the Lessons Being Taught December 9, 2010
Islamophobic Yodeling December 2, 2010
The Tide Turns for Geert Wilders? October 22, 2010
Cowardice Rules on Speech Rights & Islam October 17, 2010
To Secure the Blessings of Liberty September 18, 2010
Pelosi threatens speech rights … and gets what she wants? September 10, 2010
OIC: Petraeus Guilty of Islamophobia August 20, 2010
Denmark: Prosecution of Free Speech Advocate May Prompt Changes to Racism Laws August 6, 2010
No Lawsuit in London Headscarf Farce - Yet July 30, 2010
One Thousand and One (or Fewer?) Arabian Nights July 22, 2010
A Victory for Free Speech July 20, 2010
Is Libel Reform in Britain Really in the Cards? July 16, 2010
Keith Yost Gets It July 15, 2010
Moscow Can't Handle the Truth July 8, 2010
Religious Thuggery Threatens Free Speech in Michigan July 6, 2010
A Silver Lining at the Human Rights Council March 26, 2010
Stacking the Deck against Geert Wilders February 3, 2010
The OIC shows not all condemnations are equal January 19, 2010
Liberty on Trial in Dutch Court January 12, 2010
OIC places the United States in its crosshairs - but only in Arabic December 26, 2009
Tough Times for Libel Abusers in the UK December 18, 2009
For Geert Wilders, Law Finally Triumphs Over Politics in the United Kingdom October 13, 2009
Islamist-Friendly Self-Censorship in the United States Marches On August 14, 2009
The OIC's Back-Door "Blasphemy" Campaign at Durban II April 27, 2009
The Human Rights Council Subverts Human Rights Once More March 27, 2009
Geert Wilders and CNN's Warped Mirror March 3, 2009
A Fateful Decision for the UK February 11, 2009
The OIC and the Universality of Human Rights January 12, 2009
Frankfurt cancels ‘Muhammad look-alike contest' out of fear of offending Muslims October 30, 2008
Kuwaiti Human Rights head labels ‘profaning' Muhammad the worst human rights violation in the world! October 14, 2008

Geert Wilders Lauds Legal Project

"Last June, I was acquitted of all charges by an Amsterdam court. The Middle East Forum's Legal Project ... was always there to help, advise and assist ... The importance of the MEF's Legal Project in reclaiming free expression and political discourse ... cannot be overestimated."

Geert Wilders, September 29, 2011

Read the full text of Wilders' statement

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