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Title Publication Date
British Report Finds Islamist Intimidation in Birmingham Schools Investigative Project on Terrorism June 9, 2014
Arrested for quoting Winston Churchill: European election candidate accused of religious and racial harassment after he repeats wartime prime minister's words on Islam during campaign speech UK Daily Mail June 1, 2014
Paul Weston – Victim of Sharia: Arrested For Quoting Winston Churchill Right Side News April 30, 2014
Is Islam a Race? Birmingham Trial Will Tell Gates of Vienna April 4, 2014
Right-winger defamed as 'Breivik mentor', awarded €5,000 in damages Malta Today: Malta's News Portal January 28, 2014
Tommy Robinson, former EDL leader, jailed for fraud BBC News January 23, 2014
Freedom Of Speech Is A Human Right Stresemann Foundation September 1, 2013
EDL Leader Tommy Robinson Released On Bail Sky News June 30, 2013
Two EDL members arrested in London at 'sponsored walk' June 29, 2013
UAF - United Against Freedom Islam versus Europe Blog June 16, 2013
'Islamophobia': A Strategy Devised Before 9/11 The Clarion Project June 12, 2013
Questioning the right to tweet Washington Post Europe June 1, 2013
St George's flag rejected in Somerset over fears it will offend Muslims Political Beef - News and Politics on a Skewer May 16, 2013
Thousands rally in UK to demand end to anti-Islam speeches The International News April 23, 2013
The global war on free speech The Telegraph (UK) November 2, 2012
'Hate' Laws are Criminal Family Security Matters October 19, 2012
London school wins Sunday Express damages over Islam fanatics claim Al Arabiya News August 2, 2012
Re: Sharia — Mr. Schmitz Is Wrong on the Law, Too National Review Online June 15, 2012
The unmasking of internet trolls: New laws will make websites responsible for vile messages unless they reveal identities of bullies Daily Mail (UK) June 12, 2012
UK set for historic libel reform CPJ Blog May 18, 2012
Lies, Damned Lies, and The Guardian Gates of Vienna Blog April 16, 2012
Freedom of expression under attack Canadian Lawyer Magazine March 20, 2012
You Can't Read This Book: Censorship in an Age of Freedom by Nick Cohen: review Telegraph (UK) March 9, 2012
How London became the censorship capital of the world Telegraph (UK) January 27, 2012
A Brief History of the Transatlantic Counterjihad, Part III(b) Gates of Vienna November 29, 2011
Tafazal Mohammed, Forward Thinking and the Pears Foundation Harry's Place Blog October 13, 2011
Unethical threats The Source September 22, 2011
With Mallick Aforethought: Melanie Phillips Apology Blazing Cat Fur Blog August 15, 2011
Free Speech in a Non Free World Family Security Matters April 6, 2011
Sunday Telegraph sued over 'extremist' claim Press Gazette (UK) March 18, 2011
Time to Reform Denmark's Anti-Hate Speech Law Family Security Matters February 6, 2011
Britain Vows To Change 'Embarrassing' Libel Law NPR January 7, 2011
A sporting chance for victims of Lawfare Harry's Place April 28, 2010
Cartoon Trouble MediaWatchWatch April 27, 2010
Criminal Conviction in England for Leaving Anti-Religious Leaflets in Airport Prayer Room The Volokh Conspiracy April 25, 2010
Libel Working Group report Ministry of Justice March 23, 2010
Reform of libel laws will protect freedom of expression Ministry of Justice March 23, 2010
Government to 'end abuse' of UK libel laws The Guardian March 23, 2010
Libel reform bill to tackle 'libel tourism' The Guardian March 23, 2010
Saudi lawyer uses UK libel to sue Danish papers MediaWatchWatch March 17, 2010
Lawfare and Charity Standpoint March 16, 2010
Denmark wants Brussels to stop UK Mohammed cartoon lawsuit EUobserver March 16, 2010
A Dutch Politician. A Sharia-Compliant Court. Assassination by Trial The Brussels Journal February 5, 2010
Censorship by Intimidation Family Security Matters February 1, 2010
Islamist hardliners lose another libel action Telegraph Blogs January 27, 2010
Censorship at Index on Censorship December 18, 2009
Britain, Long a Libel Mecca, Reviews Laws New York Times December 10, 2009
Case dismissed against Xian hotel owners (updated) December 9, 2009
Hotelier Ben Vogelenzang cleared of insulting Muslim guest Times Online December 9, 2009
Christian hoteliers cleared in Muslim woman abuse row BBC News December 9, 2009
Christian couple in court over comments about Islam Christian Today December 8, 2009
Don't call extremists 'extremists' The Sun December 5, 2009
Libel judges face a tough time in the media Law Society Gazette December 1, 2009
Just say no to blasphemy laws USA Today October 19, 2009
Arnold Schwarzenegger gets tough over libel tourists to the UK Mail Online October 16, 2009
Protesters meet Dutch far-right MP Yahoo! News UK & Ireland October 16, 2009
Wilders to travel to London on Friday October 15, 2009
An Ed Husain v Geert Wilders debate would be great for democracy Telegraph Blogs October 15, 2009
Now Muslims Demand Full Sharia Law Daily Express October 15, 2009
Wilders Wins FrontPage Magazine October 14, 2009
The Tribunal Has Ruled: Geert Wilders May Enter the UK Gates of Vienna October 13, 2009
Geert Wilders wins appeal against ban on travelling to UK The Guardian October 13, 2009
UK: Wilders' Muslim lawyer Islam in Europe October 13, 2009
Geert Wilders is free to enter Britain Telegraph Blogs October 13, 2009
Jacqui Smith week gets worse as Geert Wilders wins appeal Telegraph Blogs October 13, 2009
Britain wrong to ban Wilders, says court October 13, 2009
Dutch MP overturns UK entry ban BBC News October 13, 2009
U.K.: Ruling overturns Home Office decision barring Geert Wilders from the country Jihad Watch October 13, 2009
UK wrong to deny entry to Geert Wilders Radio Netherlands Worldwide October 13, 2009
Cambridge cancels Savage debate WorldNetDaily October 7, 2009
The Poison of Religious Vilification Laws Christian Today Australia September 26, 2009
Christian couple face losing hotel after criminal charges for offending Muslim woman The Telegraph September 20, 2009
Christian hotel owners hauled before court after defending their beliefs in discussion with Muslim guest Daily Mail Online September 20, 2009
British Lion Muzzled Human August 27, 2009
Sebastian Faulks moves to head off Islam row The Guardian August 24, 2009
British Foreign Secretary Justifies Terrorism The Brussels Journal August 18, 2009
All charges against me "dropped" Lionheart Blog July 1, 2009
U.K. Libel Laws Chill Another American Book June 8, 2009
UK Libel Law and Lawfare in the EU The Legal Project June 4, 2009
Britain on the Brink The Brussels Journal June 2, 2009
Fears of Muslim anger over religious book Times Online May 31, 2009
Muhammad child bride novel author condemns UK 'censorship' The Guardian May 20, 2009
Restricting free speech in Britain Financial Times Blog May 10, 2009
UK bars 22 alleged extremists, including show host May 5, 2009
Named and shamed: the 16 barred from UK The Independent May 5, 2009
Feck! Ireland considers "blasphemous libel" law MediaWatchWatch April 29, 2009
Crime of blasphemous libel proposed for Defamation Bill The Irish Times April 29, 2009
EU judges want Sharia law applied in British courts Mail Online April 27, 2009
Galloway threatens to sue CJC CEO The Canadian Jewish News April 8, 2009
Muslim leader sues Blears on Gaza BBC News April 4, 2009
Blears takes on the MCB The Spectator April 3, 2009
Mohammed cartoonist accuses BBC of 'appeasing Muslim fanatics by not showing interview' Mail Online April 3, 2009
Banned British MP announces several lawsuits against Canadians Yahoo! Canada News April 3, 2009
England's Muslim Spleen New York Post February 16, 2009
A Chamberlain Moment FrontPage Magazine February 13, 2009
Preserving 'Harmony' for Islamic Radicals National Review Online February 13, 2009
Geert Wilders detained at Heathrow Airport Weblog Geertwilders February 12, 2009
Dutch MP banned from Britain over anti-Islam film is refused entry after arriving at Heathrow Daily Mail Online February 12, 2009
Despite Ban, Dutch Lawmaker Vows to Visit 'Cowardly' Britain February 11, 2009
Will Geert Wilders Be Arrested at Heathrow? The Brussels Journal February 10, 2009
British Parliament calls off screening of controversial film Associated Press of Pakistan January 23, 2009
Writ Large The Economist January 8, 2009
Kafka Comes To The British Courts The Spectator December 19, 2008
Brief Memorandum Addressing Pertinent Differences Between US and UK Libel Law December 15, 2008
Legal Project Memorandum on British Contempt Law December 9, 2008
Text of Brooke Goldstein's speech to UK Parliament The Henry Jackson Society December 3, 2008
The X Fatwa The Sun October 21, 2008
Radical Islamic clerics warn of further attacks after publisher is firebombed The Telegraph September 28, 2008
British libel laws violate human rights, says UN The Guardian August 14, 2008
Iraqi Billionaire Threatens Reporters Investigating Rezko Affair Accuracy in Media August 14, 2008
Islamist Lawfare in England Commentary - Contentions July 11, 2008
Channel 4 wins Muslim 'preachers of hate' case The Telegraph May 15, 2008

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Tough Times for Libel Abusers in the UK Legal Project Blog December 18, 2009
For Geert Wilders, Law Finally Triumphs Over Politics in the United Kingdom Legal Project Blog October 13, 2009
A Fateful Decision for the UK Legal Project Blog February 11, 2009

Geert Wilders Lauds Legal Project

"Last June, I was acquitted of all charges by an Amsterdam court. The Middle East Forum's Legal Project ... was always there to help, advise and assist ... The importance of the MEF's Legal Project in reclaiming free expression and political discourse ... cannot be overestimated."

Geert Wilders, September 29, 2011

Read the full text of Wilders' statement

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