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Sharia in the West | Article Category

Title Publication Date
A Lesson on Free Speech and Sharia in Knoxville  FrontPage Magazine  November 3, 2014
Ordeal of OAP who quipped 'I'm not Muslim' at airport security after he was stopped: Man spends six months facing racism charges before case is finally dropped  Daily Mail  October 26, 2014
CIA and CAIR collaborate in stonewalling Islamist investigations  October 11, 2014
State Department Endorses Handbook Calling Jihad 'Noble'  Washington Free Beacon  October 8, 2014
Renounce the Sharia!  Gates of Vienna  September 17, 2014
France: Front National politicians attacked by Muslim mob when walking around Nîmes  Diversity Macht Frei  September 13, 2014
The Real Rape Culture  National Review  September 3, 2014
Rotherham's — and England's — Shame    August 29, 2014
Cultural jihad: CAIR demands US overhaul law enforcement training  Allen B. West  August 28, 2014
AAJA Seeks Apology From Fox News for Irresponsible Comments About Islam  Asian American Journalist  August 27, 2014
Islamic State: "We Will Take Spain Back"  Gatestone Institute  August 17, 2014
Imran Firasat Gets International Support  Dagen  August 1, 2014
Imran Firasat arrested in Norway  Dispatch International  July 20, 2014
Council on American-Islamic Relations Seeks to Undermine the Land of the Free  Breitbart Big Peace  June 17, 2014
Spain To Deport Pakistani Refugee For Criticizing Islam  Atheist Republic  June 16, 2014
Criticizing Islam Becomes "Incitement to Imminent Violence"  Investigative Project on Terrorism  June 11, 2014
British Report Finds Islamist Intimidation in Birmingham Schools  Investigative Project on Terrorism  June 9, 2014
Spain to Deport Pakistani Refugee for Criticizing Islam  Gatestone Institute  June 6, 2014
Ralph Peters on Benghazi: CIA Should 'Never Play Politics'  Newsmax  June 1, 2014
Arrested for quoting Winston Churchill: European election candidate accused of religious and racial harassment after he repeats wartime prime minister's words on Islam during campaign speech  UK Daily Mail  June 1, 2014
Proving Our Point  IPT News  May 23, 2014
CAIR: Remove 'Islamist Extremism,' 'Jihadism' From 9/11 Museum Video  CBS News  May 13, 2014
The First Amendment Also Died at Benghazi  American Thinker  May 12, 2014
Paul Weston – Victim of Sharia: Arrested For Quoting Winston Churchill  Right Side News  April 30, 2014
Euro candidate Paul Weston arrested over Islam remarks  BBC News  April 28, 2014
"A Racially Aggravated Crime Under Section 4 of the Public Order Act"  Gates of Vienna  April 27, 2014
The slow death of free speech  The Spectator  April 19, 2014
Was it Justice or Politics that Killled the NYPD Muslim Spy Unit?  The Daily Beast  April 16, 2014
The United Kingdom's Continuing Koran Censorship  Frontpage Magazine  April 8, 2014
CAIR's Jihad against Honor Diaries  National Review  April 5, 2014
Is Islam a Race? Birmingham Trial Will Tell  Gates of Vienna  April 4, 2014
Ex-CIA boss Morell gives unorthodox reasons for omitting key Benghazi details  Fox News  April 3, 2014
CIA officer confirmed no protests before misleading Benghazi account given  The Washington Times  March 31, 2014
Video: David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise on Sharia and the freedom of speech  Jihad Watch  March 30, 2014
Spanish Police Issue Expulsion Order for Imran Firasat  Islam Watch  March 20, 2014 at 5:19 pm
FREE SPEECH FIGHT CONTINUES IN SPAIN  Sun News Prime Time  March 20, 2014
Sounding the Alarm on Silent Jihad  Religous Freedom Coalition  March 13, 2014
Prejudice's Latest Victim: Islam  Family Security Matters  March 5, 2014
The Benghazi Cover-up (cont.)  The Weekly Standard  March 3, 2014
Google Warns 'Muslims' Ruling Will Create Hollywood Chaos  The Hollywood Reporter  March 3, 2014
YouTube Ordered to Remove Anti-Muslim Film  Cho Sun Media  February 28, 2014
Muslims Hot and Bothered Over Katy Perry Video With "God' Pendant  Gateway Pundit  February 25, 2014
The Real Agenda Behind the Push for "Islamophobia"  Gatestone Institute  February 25, 2014
Judge Rules (Duh!) That NYPD Can Spy On Mosques  February 24, 2014
Muslim Group Threatens Canada PM with Libel Suit  Breitbart Big Peace  January 28, 2014
Sharia Victims Betrayed – The Legacy Media and the Breivik Atrocity  International Civil Liberties Alliance  January 25, 2014
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation's "Islamophobia" Campaign against Freedom  Religous Freedom Coalition  January 20, 2014
Imran Firasat Asylum Revoked  Silence the Messenger  January 18, 2014
Al Jazeera English censoring coverage unfavorable to the Muslim Brotherhood  Jihad Watch  January 18, 2014
Breivik, the Useful Nutcase  Gates of Vienna  January 16, 2014
The Benghazi Transcripts: Top Defense officials briefed Obama on 'attack,' not video or protest  Fox News  January 14, 2014
The Good, the Bad, and the Pathetic of the New York Times' Benghazi Report  National Review  January 5, 2014
Down the Times' Bengahzi Rabbit Hole  National Review  January 5, 2014
Danish Muslim Apostate Faces Hate Speech Charges  Frontpage Magazine  January 2, 2014
Why is the NY Times preparing the way for Hillary's run?  The Washington Times  January 2, 2014
Geert Wilders creates new email account for those who want to buy his Islam sticker after Google blocked his old one  Islam versus Europe Blog  December 30, 2013
Global Muslim Bloc Launches War On Free Speech In West  December 23, 2013
Danish rap poet Yahya Hassan faces racism charge for knocking Muslims  The UK Guardian  December 16, 2013
Chilling Effect for Me, But Not for Thee  Frontpage Magazine  December 13, 2013
OIC Blames Free Speech for "Islamophobia" in West  Gatestone Institute  December 11, 2013 at 4:29 pm
Spain Wants to Deport Critic of Islam  Dispatch International  November 28, 2013 at 7:11 pm
Yahya Hassan assaulted at Central Station  The Copenhagen Post  November 19, 2013
Many Things Rotten in Denmark  Frontpage Magazine  November 13, 2013
The State Department should Leave the Istanbul Process  American Thinker  November 10, 2013
Spanish High Court Rejects Imran Firasat's Appeal against Revocation of His Refugee Status  Islam Watch  November 4, 2013
The Dangers of the OIC "Islamophobia" Campaign  Gates of Vienna  October 27, 2013
Geneva Conference Moves Toward Criminalizing "Islamophobia"  Frontpage Magazine  October 22, 2013
South African Radio Station Fined for Unflattering Mention of Islam  Breitbart Big Peace  October 17, 2013
French journalist prosecuted for insulting Islam  The Washington Times  October 10, 2013
"Islamophobia Dictionaries," New Mega-Mosques and Other Recent Events A Survey of Islam in Europe: September 2013  Gatestone Institute  October 9, 2013 at 5:00 am
French journalist is prosecuted under 19th century press law for questioning Islam during a radio debate  UK Daily Mail  October 9, 2013
FREE SPEECH UNDER ATTACK  Sun News  September 29, 2013
NGO Paper: What Does "Islamophobia" Mean?  International Civil Liberties Alliance  September 26, 2013
Artist convicted of racism speaks out  The Copenhagen Post  September 18, 2013
British Court Enforces Sharia Over Equal Protection of Law  PJ Media  September 16, 2013
INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ISLAMOPHOBIA: LAW & MEDIA  Directorate General of Press and Information  September 12, 2013
United Nations' War on Free Speech Continues  Frontpage Magazine  September 6, 2013
Wal-Mart fires assistant manager of N.Y. store for criticizing Muslims on Facebook  CBS News  September 5, 2013
Freedom Of Speech Is A Human Right  Stresemann Foundation  September 1, 2013
Arab MK's Sharia Blasphemy Demand on Israel  American Thinker  August 23, 2013
Fort Hood Trial: Don't Say the "T" Word  FrontPage Magazine  August 22, 2013
UCF prof accused of anti-Muslim teachings blasted again by America-Islamic advocacy group  Orlando Sentinel  August 10, 2013
Silencing a secularist in Turkey  The Washington Times  August 8, 2013
Imprisoned 'Innocence of Muslims' producer Nakoula Nakoula: 'I want the world to see the truth'  The Daily Caller  August 5, 2013
German Police Make Another Arrest In Connection With Murder Attempt on Islam Critic  Islam versus Europe Blog  August 2, 2013
Enter the Fjordmaniacs  Gates of Vienna  August 1, 2013
Germany: Islam Critic Zahid Khan Attacked by Two Men With Knives, Shoots One of Them  Islam versus Europe Blog  July 31, 2013
Man who revealed tattoo of a mosque being blown up during EDL march is arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred k  Daily Mail  July 30, 2013
Former Imam Regrets His Role in the Cartoon Crisis: Now I Understand Drawings  BT  July 29, 2013
The New Appeasement  Gates of Vienna  July 24, 2013
Emails reveal how accuracy was scrubbed out of Benghazi 'talking points'  The Washington Times  July 16, 2013
Islam's Cartoon Jihad Strikes Again  Frontpage Magazine  July 16, 2013
Deconstructing Islamophobia  Gates of Vienna  July 15, 2013
OSCE Vienna 2013, Part 8: The Right to Peaceful Assembly in Germany  Gates of Vienna  July 12, 2013
Federal Government Responds to Racism Allegations of UN  Der Taggesspiegel  July 11, 2013
British Government Takes A Battering On Its Human Rights Record At OSCE  International Civil Liberties Alliance  July 11, 2013
Charlie Hebdo is at it Again  Gates of Vienna  July 10, 2013
Munich: Is this poster "inciting"?  Politically Incorrect  July 10, 2013
Muslim leaders to the Danish integration policy makers: "You will be punished in hell"  Avpixlat  July 10, 2013
The Blasphemy of Rimsha Masih, and American National Security  National Review  July 8, 2013
Swedish boy convicted of racist joke on Facebook  Sort Sonofon  July 6, 2013
Undaunted: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff's Fight for Free Speech  Frontpage Magazine  July 5, 2013
Woolwich Walk: 10 Lapses of Liberty  Gates of Vienna  July 5, 2013
Human Rights Activist Imram Firasat Releases His "Innocense of Islamic Jihad" Movie for Independence Day  Gateway Pundit  July 4, 2013
Germany: Author of "Criminal Acts of the Prophet Mohammed" Mobbed and Attacked at Public Event  Islam versus Europe Blog  July 2, 2013
Seven arrests at anti-Islam rally  July 1, 2013
EDL Leader Tommy Robinson Released On Bail  Sky News  June 30, 2013
Two EDL members arrested in London at 'sponsored walk'    June 29, 2013
Blasphemy Law Comes to Facebook  American Thinker  June 27, 2013
Dr. Matusitz Humiliates Islamic Intimidation Group CAIR  Family Security Matters  June 27, 2013
OIC Opens Office in Brussels to Fight "Islamophobia" in Europe  Gatestone Institute  June 26, 2013
Islam Critical teacher wins lawsuit  Citizen Times  June 26, 2013
Far-right US bloggers banned from entering UK for Woolwich rally  The UK Guardian  June 26, 2013
Do Americans Want Obama To Think For Them? — on The Glazov Gang  Frontpage Magazine  June 25, 2013
Judge Ends Imam's Lawsuit Triggered by IPT Report  Investigative Project on Terrorism  June 25, 2013
FBI's bus ads taken down over Muslim/terrorist stereotyping  The Seattle Times  June 25, 2013
McDonald's drops halal items from U.S. menu after problems in Dearborn  Detroit Free Press  June 24, 2013
Audio: Robert Spencer on the BBC takes on Left-fascist Nick Lowles and discusses the Qur'an with an imam  Jihad Watch  June 23, 2013
The Istanbul Process Continues  Gates of Vienna  June 23, 2013
Islamic group says UCF professor promotes anti-Muslim hate  Orlando Sentinel  June 20, 2013
FLORIDA professor's pushback against CAIR thugs who want him fired for 'spewing anti-Islam views' in the classroom  Bare Naked Islam  June 20, 2013
EU Challenges the UN and OIC on Press Freedom  American Thinker  June 18, 2013
German Left Ramps Up Attacks on Islam Critics  Frontpage Magazine  June 18, 2013
UAF - United Against Freedom  Islam versus Europe Blog  June 16, 2013
French Legal System Intimidated by Islam in Marseilles: Police Trade Union Complains About Lenient Treatment of Burka Woman Who Tried to Start Riot  Islam versus Europe Blog  June 16, 2013
Word "Jihad" found on wall in Delray Beach  CBS 12 News  June 15, 2013
Contractor loses out on his 'dream' £1,000-a-week IT role after unwittingly saying he would treat his Muslim recruiter to a bacon sandwich  Daily Mail  June 15, 2013
Mozart Opera Rewritten to Appease Muslims  Islam versus Europe Blog  June 13, 2013
'Islamophobia': A Strategy Devised Before 9/11  The Clarion Project  June 12, 2013
EXCLUSIVE: Jailed filmmaker vows to finish film wrongly blamed for Benghazi attack  Fox News  June 10, 2013
Free Speech Battle in Small-Town Tennessee  Frontpage Magazine  June 10, 2013
Egyptian author appeals for protection following Islamist threats  Ahram Online  June 10, 2013
The Center for American Progress' Willful Blindness  American Thinker  June 9, 2013
Free Speech Goes Down to Defeat Down Under  American Thinker  June 8, 2013
Another Obama Assault on Free Speech  Frontpage Magazine  June 3, 2013
Questioning the right to tweet  Washington Post Europe  June 1, 2013
The Muslim community is torn  June 1, 2013
Islamophobia Comes to Canberra  Gatestone Institute  May 31, 2013
Feds suggest anti-Muslim speech can be punished  Politico  May 31, 2013
Thought Criminals Arrested after London Horror  Frontpage Mag  May 30, 2013 at 11:12 am
Thought Criminals Arrested after London Horror  Frontpage Mag  May 30, 2013
DOJ: Social Media Posts Trashing Muslims May Violate Civil Rights  Judicial Watch  May 30, 2013
Sharia Comes to Canberra  Gates of Vienna  May 29, 2013
What About the Video?  The Weekly Standard  May 27, 2013
The Problem of Muslim Leadership  Wall Street Journal  May 27, 2013
Reporter Apologizes For Originally Identifying London Stabber As Having 'Muslim Appearance'  Mediaite  May 27, 2013
U.S. Praises Sharia Censorship  Frontpage Mag  May 24, 2013
Catholic Cardinal Calls for End to Blasphemy Laws  Frontpage Mag  May 21, 2013
A Jew, a Christian, and a Muslim Walk Into a Bar…  Commentary  May 21, 2013
Switzerland: Multicultural Paradise?  Gatestone Institute  May 21, 2013
UN Pressures Germany to Bow to 'Hate Speech' Hysteria  Frontpage Mag  May 16, 2013
St George's flag rejected in Somerset over fears it will offend Muslims  Political Beef - News and Politics on a Skewer  May 16, 2013
Danish documentary film (18 min.): "Collision! Free Speech and Religion"  Islam versus Europe  May 16, 2013
CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson On Media Benghazi Coverage: "Some in the media were not as curious as I think naturally journalists ought to be"  Christian Broadcast News Network  May 16, 2013
CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson: "There hasn't been an appetite for the stories that I've offered on Benghazi"  Christian Broadcat News Network  May 15, 2013
ANOTHER ANTI-ISLAMIST-VIDEO SCANDAL  World Net Daily TV - Stakelbeck on Terror  May 15, 2013
The Benghazi Talking Points  The Weekly Standard, Vol. 18, No. 33  May 13, 2013
'Blame It On the Video' Was a Fraud As To Cairo Rioting, Too  National Review  May 13, 2013
Protest not the agenda as Daniel Pipes comes to Ottawa  Ottawa Citizen  May 12, 2013
The Media's Muhammad Blackout Defers Again to Islam  Frontpage Mag  May 10, 2013
Exclusive: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference  ABC News  May 10, 2013
The Benghazi Patsy    May 10, 2013
Benghazi Hall of Shame  Reason  May 9, 2013
A Coverup Laid Bare  Real Clear Politics  May 9, 2013
Obama's Benghazi Propagandist  Frontpage Magazine  May 9, 2013
Father of Murdered Team 6 SEAL: "My Son Did Not Become a Navy SEAL to Win the Hearts and Minds of Islamic Jihadists"  Frontpage Magazine  May 9, 2013
Blow-by-Blow: How Obama & Hillary Left Americans to Die  Frontpage Magazine  May 9, 2013
Did you know You Could Be Jailed For Blasphemy? — in America  Before It's News  May 9, 2013
Benghazi: Exposing Failure and Recognizing Courage  United States House of Representatives Committee on Oversight & Government Reform  May 8, 2013
Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding to honor Reza Aslan, Board member of front group for Islamic Republic of Iran  Jihad Watch  May 5, 2013
Silencing Speech on Islam  American Thinker  May 4, 2013
Anti-Islamist Imran Firasat Acquitted of Hate Crime Charges in Spain  Gateway Pundit  May 3, 2013
Filed the case against a Pakistani accused of being "a threat to national security"  Cadena SER  May 3, 2013
Hamas-linked CAIR forces Michigan Schools board member to take down a Facebook poster it finds offensive  Bare Naked Islam  May 1, 2013
"Everything You Have Learned in School is Wrong"  Gates of Vienna  May 1, 2013
Ned May OSCE Testimony  International Civil Liberties Alliance  May 1, 2013
Petition to Jorge Fernández Díaz: "Home Minister of the Government of Spain, Jorge Fernandez Diaz, Keep the city's refugee status for Imran Firasat!"  April 30, 2013
A landmark victory for the freedom of expression in Europe: Imran Firasat acquitted of hate crime  Jihad Watch  April 30, 2013
The World's Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society  The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life  April 30, 2013
The Media Myths  Gates of Vienna  April 29, 2013
Thousands rally in UK to demand end to anti-Islam speeches  The International News  April 23, 2013
Turkey Convicts World-Renowned Pianist for 'Defaming' Islam  Frontpage Magazine  April 23, 2013
Sanctioning Iran's American Allies  Washington Free Beacon  April 22, 2013
Racism Accusations - UN rebuke Germany because Sarrazin  Der Taggesspiegel  April 18, 2013
Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Free Speech Under Assault  Christian Broadcast News Network  April 17, 2013
Germany's Feelings Hurt, Europe Trembles  American Thinker  April 15, 2013
The Muslims with No Name: Islamists Cover Up Their Existence in the Media  American Thinker  April 14, 2013
Shadowing Europe with the 'Islamophobia' Canard  Family Security Matters  April 12, 2013
None Dare Call It Islamism  Frontpage Magazine  April 9, 2013
After Pressure From CAIR, the Associated Press Revises the Term 'Islamist'  The Blaze  April 5, 2013
The Associated Press Revises Another Politically Charged Term  U.S. News & World Report  April 4, 2013
Europe: The Submission That Dare Not Speak Its Name  Gatestone Institute  March 28, 2013
A Muslim 'Reformer's' Idea of Free Speech  Front Page Magazine  March 27, 2013
Spanish Government Charges Imran Firasat With Hate Crimes  Breitbart Big Peace  March 22, 2013
Thrown in Prison for Shredding the Koran  Frontpage Magazine  March 13, 2013
Media Try to Report Lars Hedegaard's New Address    March 11, 2013
Ostend: Arne firm takes four months for tearing the Koran to Muslims  March 6, 2013
French Government to Make Anti-Racism, Anti-Islamophobia Training Mandatory for All Government Employees  Islam Versus Europe  February 27, 2013
How Sickening Will Sweden Get?  Gatestone Institute  February 26, 2013 at 5:36 pm
CAIR Director Calls For Islamic Inquisition — on The Glazov Gang  Frontpage Magazine  February 26, 2013
Faizan Syed, Director of Hamas-linked CAIR-Missouri, wants people who insult Islam on the internet to be punished under sharia law  Bare Naked Islam Blog  February 20, 2013
'I may be killed if I write this'  The Spectator (UK)  February 15, 2013
OLAHOMA: Will Muslim Brotherhood proxy CAIR again be able to overturn the will of the people who voted to block sharia law from state courts?  Bare Naked Islam Blog  February 14, 2013
Sharia Law: Extremism the Government Ignores  The Huffington Post  February 13, 2013
Islamist Censorship Charges On  National Review Online  February 11, 2013
'Anti-Sharia Bill' Passes Florida House Civil Justice Subcommittee  Sunshine State News  February 8, 2013
How Many Deaths?  Gates of Vienna Blog  February 6, 2013
Shariah thugs: CAIR's latest jihad  World Net Daily  January 14, 2013
Are Western Governments Volunteering Dhimmitude?  The NeoConservative Christian Right  January 14, 2013
Ex-Muslim Imran Firasat, says "Those who refuse to accept Islam must be persecuted until they convert, or be killed"  Bare Naked Islam  January 13, 2013 at 2:43 pm
The Sharia Threat to America  American Thinker  December 28, 2012
Muslim rights group urges bill in Michigan Legislature be stopped  Detroit Free Press  December 14, 2012
Artists are worried about Islam:  Dispatch International (Europe)  November 30, 2012
For Slandering Islam, Terry Jones Must Die  Gates of Vienna Blog  November 29, 2012
Robert Spencer speaks about the war against free speech  Jihad Watch Blog  November 23, 2012
Sharia at the Sixth Circuit Court: Frightened little men terrified of our ad, but not the impact on our freedoms  Atlas Shrugs Blog  October 26, 2012
"I Will Answer Only to Allah"  Gatestone Institute  October 22, 2012
'Hate' Laws are Criminal  Family Security Matters  October 19, 2012
'Zombie Muhammad' Atheist Who Was Attacked by Angry Muslim Wants 'Shariah Ruling' Judge Kicked Off the Bench  The Blaze  October 5, 2012
Shariah or not, Muslim divorces can get tricky  Washington Post  October 3, 2012
Blasphemy Laws: The Next Step in 'Religious Tolerance'  Breitbart: Big Peace  September 28, 2012
The Muhammad Movie Riots  PJ Media  September 17, 2012
Roger's Rules  PJ Media  September 15, 2012
Why Punishing Blasphemous Speech That Triggers Murderous Reactions Would Likely Lead to More Deaths  The Volokh Conspiracy Blog  September 15, 2012
'Zombie Mohammad' wants judge removed from bench  One News Now  September 14, 2012
What really motivated the embassy attacks?  Daily Caller  September 13, 2012
Pro-Muslim Judge Accused of Judicial Misconduct  Breitbart: Big Government  September 11, 2012
Group Calls for Further Sanctions Against Islamophone Judge  The Jawa Report  September 11, 2012
Now that the U.S. Is an Islamic State  PJMedia  September 10, 2012
Rising anti-Islamic sentiment in America troubles Muslims  CNN  September 6, 2012
The New Islamic Vigilantes of Speech  Family Security Matters  September 5, 2012
Brussels 2012: Father Samuel's Speech (Subtitled)  Gates of Vienna Blog  August 20, 2012
Christie's Embrace of Islamo-Fascists  Frontpage Magazine  August 13, 2012
Obama Administration Paves the Way for Sharia Law  Breitbart: Big Peace  August 7, 2012
Brussels 2012: Conny Axel Meier's Speech  Gates of Vienna Blog  August 7, 2012
The Wages of Willful Blindness: Is It Time for Defenders of Liberty to Abandon the GOP?  PJ Media  July 23, 2012
The Reading of the Brussels Declaration  Gates of Vienna Blog  July 20, 2012
Freedom of speech vs. hate speech laws  Mats Tunehag  July 18, 2012
The death throes of free speech in Europe  Gates of Vienna Blog  July 13, 2012
Setting the Record Straight on American Laws for American Courts Legislation  Family Security Matters  July 11, 2012
The Brussels Declaration  Europe News  July 11, 2012
Conservatives for Shariah  Washington Times  June 22, 2012
National Review Comes Out for Sharia  Atlas Shrugs Blog  June 18, 2012
Anti-Sharia Laws Are Magic  National Review Online  June 18, 2012
Re: That Anti-Sharia Magic  National Review Online  June 18, 2012
Fears of 'Creeping Sharia'  National Review Online  June 16, 2012
Re: Sharia — Mr. Schmitz Is Wrong on the Law, Too  National Review Online  June 16, 2012
Re: Sharia — Mr. Schmitz Is Wrong on the Law, Too  National Review Online  June 15, 2012
Western Critics of Democracy: "Accomplices to Injustice"  Gatestone Institute  June 11, 2012
"Islam to Topple Man-made Democracy"  Gatestone Institute  May 31, 2012
Kansas governor signs "Shariah bill" to ban Islamic Law  Common American Journal  May 27, 2012
Coexisting with Sharia  National Review Online  May 25, 2012
Western Sharia  National Review Online  May 14, 2012
Should critically discussing Islam be a form of hate speech?  American Thinker Blog  May 13, 2012
TheDC Interview: 'Marked for Death' Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders [VIDEO]  Daily Caller  May 11, 2012
Whitewash of Sharia Climbs the Bestseller Lists  Front Page Magazine  April 30, 2012
Guilty of Insulting Islam  Front Page Magazine  April 20, 2012
Pastor Jones and Free Speech vs. Islam and Communism  Diana West Blog  April 11, 2012
An Introduction to Danish Culture  Front Page Magazine  April 11, 2012
Terry Jones's Dearborn Protest Takes Place Without Incident  Dearborn Patch  April 9, 2012
Failing to heed the 'Zombie Prophet Mohammed' warning  UPI  April 3, 2012
Robert Spencer, Nonie Darwish and Bruce Thornton on The Glazov Gang discuss the Islamic war against free speech  Jihad Watch  April 2, 2012
Sharia is Islam  Front Page Magazine  March 31, 2012
Judge sets 'horrible precedent', Freedom Center President says  Jewish Tribune  March 22, 2012
Sharia Law - a threat to UK women & children  The Way  March 22, 2012
Sharia Victory in Florida Threatens Human Rights  American Thinker  March 19, 2012
Maryam Namazie Letter: Sharia Law and Human Rights Take Two  Europe News  March 15, 2012
The Necessity of Anti-Sharia Laws  American Thinker  March 13, 2012
Robert Spencer: Why Can't Non-Muslims Criticize Islam?  Atlas Shrugs Blog  March 12, 2012
Sharia Law, Secular Law and Rabbinical Courts  Stonegate Institute  March 9, 2012
Free speech under fire  Los Angeles Times  March 9, 2012
Minnesota Lawmaker Drops Anti-Sharia Bill Following Pressure From CAIR  The Blaze  March 8, 2012
Defending Shariah in America  American Thinker  March 5, 2012
An Atheist, a Muslim and a Judge: What Really Happened  RealClearPolitics  February 29, 2012
Zombie Mo and the Limits to Free Speech  Gates of Vienna Blog  February 29, 2012
Exclusive Interview: Infidel Victim of Pennsylvania Sharia Judge Reveals Inside Details of Case  American Thinker  February 28, 2012
Muslims vs. zombies  Ezra Levant Show - The Source  February 28, 2012
Judge in case of atheist attacked by Muslim: It was right on the edge of being "ethnic intimidation"  Hot Air  February 28, 2012
Muslims and the First Amendment  Commentary - Contentions  February 27, 2012
Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Fighting Sharia in the Courtroom  CBN News  February 23, 2012
Is Sharia Law Compatible with Democracy?  Stonegate Institute  February 23, 2012
Sharia in Pennsylvania: Muslim admits to attacking atheist over "Zombie Muhammad"; Muslim judge dismisses case, tells atheist he'd be killed in Muslim lands  Jihad Watch  February 23, 2012
Shariah's Police?  Center for Security Policy  February 15, 2012
Accolades for Ihsanoglu in Oz  Gates of Vienna Blog  February 15, 2012
The Problem of Sharia Law in Britain  Stonegate Institute  February 10, 2012
Politician Blasted for Support of Islamic Law  Der Spiegal  February 6, 2012
Normalizing the Kingston Honor Killings  Front Page Magazine  February 1, 2012
Dutch Muslim Party Opposed Free Speech  New American  January 27, 2012
Bloomberg Upset Over Showing The Third Jihad to Police  The Jawa Report  January 26, 2012
OIC concerned about the rise of Islamophobia in western politics  Arab News  January 20, 2012
Newt Was Right  National Review Online  January 20, 2012
Group blasts Gingrich for limiting hires to Muslims who renounce Shariah law  Fox News  January 19, 2012
CAIR and ACLU: Court Blocks Anti-Sharia Law in Oklahoma  Family Security Matters  January 17, 2012
Growing use of Sharia by UK Muslims  BBC News  January 16, 2012
Germany Attempts to Silence Criticism of Islam  Stonegate Institute  January 12, 2012
Court Deems Oklahoma Sharia Law Ban "Unconstitutional"  Commentary - Contentions  January 11, 2012
Did the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office Fail to Adequately Defend the Oklahoma Ban on Use of Foreign Law?  The Volokh Conspiracy Blog  January 11, 2012
Europe's Inexorable March Towards Islam  Hudson NY  December 29, 2011
Nina Shea, Ned May, Diana West, Clare Lopez  Secure Freedom Radio  December 23, 2011
"Let's Turn Belgium into an Islamist State"  Hudson NY  December 19, 2011
Opponents in Philadelphia say bill on Sharia law unfair to Muslims  Newsworks  December 15, 2011
Update on State Department-OIC Conference in DC: "The Istanbul Process"    December 13, 2011 at 7:37 pm
Sharia Law Already Devouring UK  Pajamas Media  December 12, 2011
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Mohammed Cartoons and Minarets    November 1, 2007

Geert Wilders Lauds Legal Project

"Last June, I was acquitted of all charges by an Amsterdam court. The Middle East Forum's Legal Project ... was always there to help, advise and assist ... The importance of the MEF's Legal Project in reclaiming free expression and political discourse ... cannot be overestimated."

Geert Wilders, September 29, 2011

Read the full text of Wilders' statement

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